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With Amazon Pinpoint journeys, you can create custom experiences for your customers using an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface. When you build a journey, you choose the activities that you want to add to the journey. These activities can perform a variety of different actions, like sending an email to journey participants, waiting a defined period of time, or splitting users based on a certain action, such as when they open or click a link in an email. Pinpoint journeys give your marketing teams the power, flexibility, and security they need, while your customers receive the personalized and relevant content that they expect. There’s no additional cost to get started, and you can get up and running in minutes with no specialized training.

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How it works




Journeys was built for teams who want to focus on their customers without having to manage complex tools. Journeys provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workspace for adding activities to your journey. Activities include actions such as sending an email to journey participants, randomly splitting participants into different groups, or splitting participants based on their interactions with messages sent earlier in the journey. With Amazon Pinpoint journeys you can get started in just a few minutes, with no coding, subscriptions, or additional costs required.



Amazon Pinpoint journeys lets you break your customers into distinct groups based on journey email events. You can use these events—such as open, click, or unsubscribe events—to send customers down different paths. For example, if you have an onboarding workflow that spans 30 days, you can send a series of emails depending on whether or not the customer acted on the previous messages in the series. Journeys makes it easy to implement a number of powerful workflows, and helps you ensure that your customers receive the messages that they require.


Your customer engagement is only as good as the analytics you receive. Journeys provides aggregate Journey-level metrics (for example, how many participants completed your journey). It also includes engagement analytics that show you how many participants received your messages, how many interacted with your messages by opening, clicking, or unsubscribing from them. You can also get find metrics for each individual activity in your journey. Journeys also includes native integration with Amazon Kinesis, allowing you to send journey event data to your preferred destination.


Building an immersive and enjoyable customer experience is difficult enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about manual tasks and repetitive processes, such as scheduling or qualifying who should receive what message and when. You can set the refresh rate on your journey's entry activity so that new participants are regularly and automatically added to your journey. For your customers, this translates into a consistent experience that's personalized based on their interactions. As a marketer, you'll save time and money that you can put towards building even better customer experiences.

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