I would like to transfer ownership of a domain or Amazon Route 53 hosted zone from one AWS account to another. How can I accomplish this?

To transfer a domain to a different AWS account, follow the steps in the Amazon Route 53 documentation topic Transferring a Domain to a Different AWS Account. This transfers the ownership to the new account, but it does not affect the hosted zone.

An Amazon Route 53 hosted zone can only be transferred to another account by using a manual migration process:

  1. When signed in to the new account, open the AWS Route 53 Console, and choose Hosted zone.
  2. Select your domain and choose Create Record Set to create a record set in the new hosted zone.
  3. Update your domain records with the name servers for the new hosted zone. For more information, see Update Your Registrar's Name Servers.

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Published: 2015-02-26

Updated: 2017-06-09