How do I use the Reserved Instance coverage report in Cost Explorer?

Last updated: 2020-08-17

I want to use the Cost Explorer reports to understand the coverage of my Reserved Instances (RIs).


You can use the RI coverage reports in Cost Explorer to do the following:

  • View the number of instance hours covered by your RIs in the chart. You can use this information to track your required instance hours and how many of those hours are covered by RIs.
  • View the number of hours covered by RIs against the On-Demand hours in the table. You can use this information to understand how much you spent on On-Demand Instances and how much you could have saved had you purchased more reservations.
  • Select a single RI or a group of RIs in the table to view their respective coverage in the table.
  • Define a threshold for the coverage you want from RIs, called the coverage target, to see where you can reserve more RIs.

To define the coverage target, enter the preferred value for Coverage target, and select Show target line on chart. You can see the target coverage on the chart as a dotted line and the average coverage in the table as a status bar.

  • Instances with a red status bar have no RI coverage.
  • Instances with a yellow status bar are under your set coverage target.
  • Instances with a green status bar have met your coverage target.
  • Instances with a gray bar aren't using your reservations.

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