Why won't the credit code that I received from AWS Educate work in the Billing console?

Last updated: 2021-01-08

I tried to add an AWS Educate promotional credit to my account, but it didn't work.


Some promotional codes (such as those from GitHub or Udacity) must be entered in your application when you first apply to AWS Educate. These codes aren't AWS promotional credit codes and don't work if you try to add them in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. If you didn't add your promotional code when applying, contact AWS Educate.

Some AWS Educate members might receive an AWS promotional credit code. However, not all AWS Educate members are eligible for an AWS promotional code. If you didn't receive an AWS promotional credit code, you might have access to an Educate starter account. The AWS Educate starter account offers students and educators access to a specified amount of AWS cloud resources at no cost without requiring a credit card for payment. The starter account provides access to most AWS cloud services but doesn't allow post-graduation portability.

Note: Students receive access to an Educate starter account only if they applied to AWS Educate through an invite from their educator or an Educate approved partnership.

If you receive an error message in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console that says the code that you entered was already redeemed, contact AWS Educate.

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