Can I customize the data sources that GuardDuty analyzes to reduce or control cost?

Last updated: 2020-02-26

I want to customize Amazon GuardDuty data sources to reduce or control cost.

Short Description

Enabling GuardDuty analyzes and processes data from the following logs:

For more information, see How Amazon GuardDuty Uses Its Data Sources.


You can sign up for a GuardDuty free trial at no cost in each supported AWS Region. The GuardDuty console provides the estimated daily cost after your free trial ends. For more information about signing up and using a GuardDuty free trial, see Amazon GuardDuty Free Trial.

It's a best practice to enable GuardDuty in all supported Regions. This enables GuardDuty to generate findings for unauthorized or unusual activity for global AWS services. For more information, see Enable Amazon GuardDuty.

You can't customize the data sources that GuardDuty analyzes, but you can suspend or disable GuardDuty. You're not charged for using GuardDuty if it's suspended, and your findings remain intact. If you disable GuardDuty, you aren't charged for using it, but your findings are lost. For instructions and more information, see Suspending or Disabling GuardDuty.

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