I'm trying to launch an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) instance in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), but I received an error message.

To launch an Amazon RDS DB instance in a specific VPC, be sure to set up the VPC and the DB according to these requirements:

  • Use a VPC that has at least two subnets in the AWS Region where you want to deploy your DB instance. If a VPC doesn't have at least two subnets, you receive the following error message: "VPC must have a minimum of 2 subnets in order to create a DB Subnet Group. Go to the VPC Management Console to add subnets."
  • Create a DB subnet group and include only the subnets you want Amazon RDS to launch instances into. If a DB subnet group is not created, then Amazon RDS creates a DB subnet group including all the subnets for the VPC. Each DB subnet group must have subnets in at least two Availability Zones in an AWS Region. If your subnet group doesn't include subnets from at least two AZs, you receive following error message: "DB Subnet Group doesn't meet availability zone coverage requirement. Please add subnets to cover at least 2 availability zones."
  • Use one of the approved Amazon EC2 dedicated instance types, if you want your DB instance to be in a dedicated VPC that has an instance tenancy attribute that is set to Dedicated. If you use an instance type that isn’t supported for dedicated VPC, then the VPC is not listed.

Note: If the DNS Hostnames and DNS Resolution attributes of the VPC aren't enabled, the VPC is listed when you choose Launch RDS Instance. However, if you try to launch an instance that is Publicly Accessible, you receive the following error message: "Cannot create a publicly accessible DBInstance. The specified VPC does not support DNS resolution, DNS hostnames, or both. Update the VPC and then try again."

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Published: 2015-11-03

Updated: 2018-11-06