Why didn't Amazon Redshift perform any upgrades during the maintenance window?

Last updated: 2020-08-19

I scheduled maintenance for my Amazon Redshift cluster. However, the maintenance did not trigger. Why did this happen?


Your Amazon Redshift cluster might not perform an upgrade during the maintenance window for the following reasons:

  • There are no maintenance tasks to perform: Check to see if there are any scheduled maintenance tasks. After an upgrade has been scheduled, your Amazon Redshift cluster will perform an upgrade during the next maintenance window.
  • Your AWS Region has not yet implemented the latest version of Amazon Redshift: In some cases, your cluster might not get upgraded to the newest version of Amazon Redshift during a maintenance window. This depends on your AWS Region and the timing of the patch release. If your AWS Region has not implemented the latest version of Amazon Redshift, then your cluster is not updated.
  • Amazon Redshift is undergoing a hardware update: Maintenance periods are overridden when a mandatory hardware replacement is scheduled on your Amazon Redshift cluster. If a hardware replacement is required, you receive an event notification through the AWS Management Console and SNS subscription as a "Pending" item.

To defer the maintenance window for your Amazon Redshift cluster, perform the following steps:

1.    Sign in to the Amazon Redshift console.

2.    From the left navigation pane, choose CLUSTERS.

3.    Select the Amazon Redshift cluster that you want to modify.

4.    Under Actions, choose Modify.

5.    Choose Defer Maintenance.

6.    Select the Enabled setting.

7.    Set the start and end time and date for your maintenance window.

8.    Choose Confirm.

9.    Choose Modify.

For more information about how to defer your maintenance window, see Modifying a cluster or the modify-cluster-maintenance API.

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