How do I update the directory settings for my WorkSpace?

Last updated: 2019-06-28

I want to update the directory details of my Amazon WorkSpaces. How can I do that? 


To update a directory's settings in the Amazon WorkSpaces console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon WorkSpaces console, and then choose Directories.
  2. Select your directory, and then choose Actions, Update Details.
  3. Expand the relevant sections and make your changes. The available options vary based on the directory type.
  4. Choose Update and Exit.

Settings that you can update include:

  • Select an organizational unit
  • Add a security group
  • Enable or disable internet access
  • Select access control options
  • Manage local administrator and user self-service permissions
  • Select IP access control groups
  • Enable or disable maintenance mode

Note: It is possible to manually apply some changes to existing WorkSpaces, but other settings will apply only on new or rebuilt WorkSpaces. For more information, see Update Directory Details for Your WorkSpaces.

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