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Vetted solutions to common business and technical problems

deployed with help from AWS Partners

AWS Solutions Consulting Offers are vetted solutions to common business and technical problems, delivered via consulting engagements provided by AWS Partners. All Consulting Offers provide customers up-front with a list of what will be delivered by the consulting engagement, the requirements of the customer to participate in the engagement, as well as a diagram of the architecture solution that will be deployed into your account.

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How do AWS Solutions Consulting Offers work?

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Why choose an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer?

Vetted by AWS

By using an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer, customers know that the architecture used to solve their problem is vetted by AWS, using best practices established by a decade of experience building in the cloud. We evaluate the underlying architecture for every Consulting Offer using a standardized process that incorporates frameworks such as the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


All AWS Solutions Consulting Offers provide prescriptive descriptions of what the customer can expect from the engagement, including what is delivered by the consultant, what is expected from the customer, and a diagram of the underlying architecture.

Trusted guidance

By requesting an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer, you know that the consulting engagement is led by an AWS Partner. Consultants delivering the engagement have demonstrated competency in the Consulting Offer’s technical or industry domain, as well as had successful deployments of the underlying architecture with other customers.

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