Design and Build Applications at Speed with DAPx

Accelerating your digital journey with prebuilt digital components

In a competitive market, organizations often find themselves struggling to deliver standalone applications quickly while minimizing the need for IT investment. Most teams have the same basic infrastructure needs: mobile/web applications, secure cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, and monitoring. Why waste time building it all from scratch?

Digital Acceleration Platform (DAPx) is a repeatable framework that provides continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline while leveraging an enterprise's existing technology stack. DAPx is based on open source technologies and offers a set of prebuilt digital components that can be deployed to meet your business needs.

DAPx empowers businesses and organizations to create engaging customer journeys, accelerate speed to market, navigate their legacy systems, and automate wherever possible. The platform instills real digital capabilities within your organization, accelerating and enabling your digital transformation while at the same time reducing costs and risks associated with digital programs. With Version 1's consulting offer Design and Build Applications at Speed with DAPx, you can deliver specific customer journeys and customer experience applications at scale and at speed.

Version 1

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Time to market
Accelerated digital implementation strategies reduce development efforts from months to weeks.
Reduced cost
Benefit from up to 50% efficiency gains over traditional development methodologies.
Reduced risk
DAPx is a proven component-based user interface and microservices architecture framework.
Full support
Get support from Version 1 to help your business so you can focus on what you do best.
  • How it works
  • As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, Version 1 has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success delivering DevOps solutions. Design and Build Applications at Speed with DAPx gives you access to Version 1's Infrastructure as Code Library, a repository of reusable, battle-tested infrastructure code created over thousands of hours and used in production by hundreds of companies. Version 1 consultants will automate infrastructure, build pipelines on AWS, and implement accelerators for mobile applications and microservices through templated code components.

    Engagement begins with discovery workshops to establish your business and technology needs. Once requirements are agreed upon, Version 1 can then begin to design a strategy to migrate your existing platform or to build a new one, depending on your specific circumstances. During the design phase, Version 1 will use pre-existing accelerators parameterized to your needs to build your technical architecture at speed. Version 1 consultants will address in the design all your unique environment considerations, project delivery requirements, and your specific function and nonfunctional requirements. 

    With the underpinning, architecture, and design, Version 1 will work with you to develop a roadmap for the ultimate delivery of your digital solution. This will include appropriate epics, and sprints to meet the correct technical and business functionality required—unique to your organization. Version 1 will ensure each roadmap component built integrates collectively into the constituent parts of the digital solution with you. Version 1 will also ensure that each component is integrated correctly at application and architecture levels, and that they are comprehensively tested. The penultimate step will ensure that Version 1 consultants assist you, through use of the accelerator, to make the appropriate promotions through environments using best practices in release management. 

    At the end of the engagement, Version 1 will deliver an AWS cloud digital solution bespoke to customer requirements that follows AWS best practices to support your digital presence and business solution. This will include a set of maintainable code pipelines and artifacts, which will allow you to build further on the solution and use it as a best practice to build further AWS cloud digital capabilities supporting your business and innovation needs. Version 1 will also ensure that operational requirements are addressed and the application supported from day one of go-live.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Planning
    Version 1 and customer engage with stakeholders to investigate the up-front project planning and scope.
    2) Design analysis
    Version 1 designs technical architecture and supports build and test of environment to deploy the application.
    3) Roadmap planning
    Following an agile release train model (3x2-week sprints), features are planned and delivered.
    4) Delivery
    Version 1 ensures components work correctly when integrated into application and conducts performance tests.
    5) Release management
    Transition of the new application/technology to new environment without exceptions or disruptions.
    6) Support and warranty
    Ensures the application is supported from day one of go-live, and that operational requirements are addressed.
  • Customer contribution
  • Workshop involvement
    Participation in kickoff workshops to outline business and technology requirements.
    Information/data assets
    Access to relevant data assets as required.
    Executive support
    Provide executive support along with project leadership to ensure business community adoption and buy-in.
    Account access
    Provide Version 1 consultants with access to AWS environment for the duration of the engagement.
    Security policies and controls
    Access to any required internal security policies and controls.
  • About this consultant
  • Version 1 helps customers navigate the rapidly changing world of IT. A leader in cloud services, Version 1 is an AWS Partner and has achieved the AWS DevOps, AWS Migration, and AWS Oracle Competencies. Version 1 consultants help customers deliver integrated solutions that enable digital transformation for the future. The organization specializes in migrating and running complex enterprise workloads in public cloud, AWS Well-Architected Reviews and TCO analysis, DevOps Framework, Alexa Skill and Microservices solutions, and incorporating Amazon Alexa, Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect, and APIs into customers' current application workload.

    Whether you are beginning your cloud journey and need some support to get things started or already have an existing AWS environment that needs optimizing for enhanced performance, Version 1 can use DAPx to accelerate your cloud journey and overall business transformation.

  • Architecture diagram

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Version 1 has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

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