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tara walker Exploring Deep Learning AI in the Cloud
Exploring Deep Learning AI in the Cloud


Tara is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, dedicating her time to help developers build apps, games, and technical solutions in the AWS cloud. Tara has most recently been working on evangelizing AWS cloud computing architectures and development for various technologies like Mobile, Gaming, IoT, AI, Serverless just to name a few.

Tara’s background is as a software engineer & developer who has worked on wide-ranging development platforms and systems while leveraging a myriad of development languages across her various technical and engineering roles. Over her 20+ year career, she has been employed by Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner, Georgia Pacific, and various other Fortune 500 companies.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, and currently working on her Master’s degree in Computer Science (MSCS) at Georgia Institute of Technology.


AWS DevDay - Australia: Brisbane
Date: Sept. 5, 2017
Track: DevOps & Tooling Track 2
Session: Develop, Build, Deploy, and Instrument Your Application with AWS CodeStar and AWS X-Ray

AWS DevDay - Australia: Melbourne
Date: Sept. 7, 2017
Track: DevOps & Tooling Track 2
Session: Develop, Build, Deploy, and Instrument Your Application with AWS CodeStar and AWS X-Ray  

AWS DevDay - Austin
Date: Sept. 12, 2017
Sessions: Developing Applications with the IoT Button

Cloud Meetup -  Atlanta
Date: Sept. 19, 2017
Session: An Overview of AWS

Connect.Tech Conference - Atlanta
Date: Sept. 22, 2017 - 3:00pm
Session: Building a Serverless Microservice with AWS

Underrepresented in Tech/WePowerTech Inclusion Event - Washington, DC
Date: Sept. 28, 2017

Internet of Build Conference 2017 - San Francisco
Dates: Oct. 11-12, 2017

Virtual Java Conference 24 - Online
Date: Oct. 25, 2017
Session: Your Serverless AWS Cheatsheet

Devoxx BE - Antwerp, Belgium
Dates: Nov. 6-10, 2017
Build, Scale, & Create IoT and Mobile connected applications with the Cloud
Conversational Bots : IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot and Google Assistant - Deep Dive


  • Serverless architectures
  • IoT (Internet of Things) development
  • Mobile, Gaming, and Web development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) services & Deep Learning frameworks
  • Natural User Interfaces (NUI) & Biometric Interface service/development frameworks



  • C#
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Javascript
  • Swift


The AWS Technical Evangelism Team works with developers & architects around the globe, increasing awareness and adoption of AWS services by helping them understand how they can put AWS to work to help them develop, deploy and operate applications that are scalable, secure and cost efficient, as well as being easy to manage and maintain. The team also supports grass roots, community-led technical knowledge-sharing through its work with AWS User Groups and AWS Community Heroes worldwide.

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