Integrate event producers and consumers in a simpler, consistent, and cost-effective way

Amazon EventBridge Pipes helps you create point-to-point integrations between event producers and consumers with optional transform, filter and enrich steps. EventBridge Pipes reduces the amount of integration code you need to write and maintain when building event-driven applications.


Write less code

Build fully managed integrations quickly with an easy-to-use interface that connects event producers with consumers.

Save costs with filtering and built-in integrations

Lower compute and usage costs by using event filters and built-in integrations – only process and pay for events that you need.

Source events in real-time

Deliver events to over 14 AWS services with EventBridge Pipes seamlessly polling for new events.

Reduce operational load

Reliably connect services without worrying about scalability, security, patching, and provisioning your infrastructure.

How it works

Amazon EventBridge Pipes helps you create point-to-point integrations between event producers and consumers. It includes optional steps for filtering, transformation, and enrichment.
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Use cases

Filter Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Use EventBridge Pipes event filters to select specific high-value events from your Kinesis Data Streams, enabling you to only process the events you need.


React to Amazon DynamoDB changes in real-time

Connect DynamoDB to over 14 AWS services, including Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) or EventBridge to easily propagate database changes to multiple applications.

Connect self-hosted Apache Kafka to AWS

Move data from your on-premises or self-hosted Kafka topics to AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose or Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

Enrich your events with software as a service (SaaS) apps

Add more data to an event by making an API call to a third-party API before delivering the event to a target.


Filter Events

Ensure your applications process only the necessary events, so that you consume only a subset of events.

Batch Events

Retrieve events from sources and deliver to targets in batches, making integrations more efficient.

Order Events

 Provide guaranteed ordering of events for applications where the ordering is critical.

High Concurrency

Support high concurrency, so you can process large volumes of events quickly.

Advanced Enrichment

Provide enrichment capabilities using AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, API Gateway, or an API call to a third-party API using API Destinations.

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