There is a reason why hot startups run on AWS : we provide them with innovative, low-cost, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure needed to scale! From the spark of your idea to IPO, we will create the foundation with you to build and grow your business in ASEAN and beyond. Learn more on this page about these Southeast Asia hot startups and how we can support you to join the unicorns' club.
Warung Pintar

ASEAN Hot Startups Stories

There is a reason the best startups build on AWS: learn how cloud computing helps Traveloka scale its product delivery.

There is a reason the best startups build on AWS: learn how Tokopedia guarantees its platform uptime.

There is a reason the best startups build on AWS: learn how Halodoc leverages cloud computing to provide the best health-tech user experience.

AWS Activate

AWS Activate provides funded and non-funded startups with the resources needed to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support. Learn more about these two programs:

Activate Founders

Are you a bootstrapped startup that aren’t associated with a venture capital firm, accelerator or incubator?

In that case, you are eligible for:

  • $1,000 USD AWS Activate Credit*, valid for 2 years
  • $350 in AWS Developer Support Credits valid for 1 year
  • 7 Core AWS Trusted Advisor Best Practice Checks
  • Email access to 1 primary Cloud Support Associate and General Architectural Guidance
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Activate Portfolio

Are you a Startup that works with an AWS Activate Provider, accelerator, incubator, Seed/VC Fund or any other startup-enabling organization?

In that case, you are eligible for:

  • Up to $100,000 USD AWS Activate Credits*, valid for up to 1 year
  • AWS Business Support Credits*, valid for up to 1 year
  • 24x7 phone, email, and chat access to Cloud Support Engineers and premium response speed
  • AWS Support API, Interoperability, and configuration guidance and troubleshooting
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*Credits are subject to the AWS Activate Provider you are associated with. Confirm with your AWS Activate Provider or AWS representative on the amount of AWS Activate Credits you are eligible to receive.

Your Way to Success

Learn with these 10 minutes How-to videos and bring your startup to the next level.

Startup Events and Webinars

Learning On-Demand

Ep 1 – AI and Machine learning

Watch this on-demand series of three sessions from the AWS Pop up loft Jakarta. You will learn how AI/ML on AWS can offer new insights, enable greater efficiencies, and help you make more accurate predictions for your startup to scale quickly and easily.

  • Machine learning on AWS
    Spencer Marley, APAC Technical Program Lead for AI/ML, AWS
  • Introduction to Amazon SageMaker
    Pedro Paez, ML Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Unlocking media workflows using Amazon Rekognition
    Paul Sears, Solutions Specialist, AWS
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Learning On-Demand

Ep 2 – AWS Blockchain Day

Join Michael Edge, Senior Blockchain Architect at AWS, for a day of learning on blockchain and ledger technologies with introductory sessions and hands-on workshops.

We'll open with an overview on what is blockchain and how it can be used for enterprise applications, and follow it up with overview of AWS products and services in the blockchain and ledger category. Then, we will deep-dive into Amazon Quantum Ledger Database and end off with a hands-on workshop.

Watch this AWS Pop Up Loft Jakarta On Demand Series to learn how you can apply blockchain technologies for your startup, use cases and experience building an end-to-end application on Amazon Managed Blockchain.

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Learning On-Demand

Ep 3 – Exploding your Startup’s growth at hyperscale with AWS

From the ways of working as an early stage startup to managing explosive growth, technical founders from the most successful startups in Indonesia share their experiences and tips that got them where they are today. Watch AWS On Demand Series to get technical advice and business perspectives from startups across industries. You will learn how more about customer validation, hiring talents, technical architecture decision making and how AWS can support your startup journey so you can focus on development, save time and optimize cost.

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