Did you know that enterprises, SMBs and startups in Southeast Asia and around the world are powered by AWS cloud? AWS provides cloud computing services to hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe.

Be inspired and learn how each business has scaled and reached their goals with AWS. Whether you’re in a startup, an SMB or an enterprise you will learn about each company’s business transformation journey with AWS.

  • ASEAN Spotlight

    FinAccel is a financial technology company that leverages deep data analytics on AWS for credit scoring automation & provision of credits to underbanked millennials in Southeast Asia. The company uses a wide range of AWS services including Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda for its flagship product, Kredivo, offering ecommerce shoppers instant credit financing based on real-time decisioning. The company has been able to grow at a rate of 20% month-on-month and process 20-30GB of raw unstructured data daily, without having to worry about reliability or performance.

    Pakwheels is the largest online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan, providing users with automotive reviews, shopping advice, and comparison tools for car financing and insurance information. It aggregates thousands of new, used, and certified second-hand car images from dealers and private sellers. Since migrating to AWS, Pakwheels has been able to reduce its image processing time from 15 mins to 60 seconds, and also enjoys a 99.9% uptime.

    Carro is an automotive marketplace and car financing startup based in Singapore, with multiple showrooms across Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, that leverages AWS for compute, storage and network connectivity. The company uses services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to store thousands of pictures and over 3TB of information across multiple geographies, which are constantly redundant and scalable. With AWS CloudFront, it is able to deliver website content to its customers in the fastest manner, and AWS Code Pipeline has facilitated continuous integration and continuous delivery services for its customers that translates to continuous deals without any downtime.

    DBS is experimenting with AWS Lambda, machine learning, grid computing, and data-analytics workloads as part of its digital transformation journey. 

    AirAsia utilises services such as Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Lambda and AWS X-ray which offers detailed performance insights and boosts operational efficiency.

    Zalora goes all in with its core web and mobile workloads on AWS with Amazon Redshift, EC2, Relational Database Services (RDS) and AWS Lambda. Zalora is an e-commerce platform and website that provides fashion and footwear products. 

    Globe Telecom is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Globe uses services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and AWS Lambda for its daily business workloads and processes, and have enjoyed tremendous savings of close to USD 2 million since. 

    Utilizing services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon VPC and the best practices have helped reduced DoHome's go-to-market time and improved availability to better serve their customers.

    Since using AWS, MANN+HUMMEL enjoys rapid go-to-market and effortless scalability for its smart IoT filter solutions despite its global market base. 

    Pacific Interlink uses AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Lambda has resulted in excellent utilization of AWS infrastructure and substantial savings which is expected to accrue over the next 3 years. 

    Since engaging in AWS, gumi Asia has experienced improved web response time of 350 milliseconds, close to 99% server uptime, and is currently able to accept at least 20,000 requests per min.

    With 2 million visitors per year, Banyan Tree chose AWS to reduce latency and scalability of its websites as well as run analytics to do retargeting of its customers. Banyan Tree uses Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Auto Scaling, Amazon VPC.

    iFlix built a business with 30 developers and signed up 450,000 customers in just five months (1,000,000 in 7 months, as of December 2015) using AWS. iFlix uses a broad range of AWS services including AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon API Gateway.

    GuavaPass has been able to scale and double its revenue generating user base since using AWS, utilising services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), OpsWorks and Elasticache.

    Visenze reduces test time from 30 mins to 5 mins and it is able to service its South East Asia, UK and US customers. Visenze is an artificial intelligence company that develops advanced visual search and image recognition solutions to help business in eCommerce, mCommerce and online advertising. 

    KFIT uses Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront. With the launch of the region in Seoul, KFIT was able to remain competitive with local providers.

    TrueMart is a new online retailer in Thailand. Part of the Ascend Group, iTrueMart grew about 1,000 percent in 2014. By using AWS, the company can scale its site to handle a 10-fold increase or more in customer visits.

    Fusionex is an established multi-award winning IT Software Group in Malaysia that specializes in Big Data, Analytics and Business Insights. Fusionex migrated their infrastructure from on-premises to Cloud and reduced time to roll out an implementation to one customer from 2-3 months to 1 week.

    ServisHero started its mobile app on AWS to get a reliable and scalable infrastructure as well as get the support from the local developer community.

    Expedia launched the travel portal in only six months on the AWS Cloud and can scale capacity easily to deliver services on demand to customers worldwide.

    Pocketmath uses AWS to run 30 billion auctions per day. Auction order processing is time sensitive, and the use of Amazon Kinesis and Elastic Load Balancing enables the Singapore-based company to meet its critical 60 millisecond processing time to bid on the relevant ad spots.

  • Customer Use Cases




    In 2018, MIT Sloan Management Review estimated that an average business loses between 15% to 25% of revenue due to dirty data. Dirty data is error-ridden data. Singapore’s ThinkVAL offers an all-in-one data operations solution, Value Aggregation Layer (VAL), that helps to solve this challenge. Its customers use VAL to operationalize day-to-day work, discover actionable insights from data, and to optimize data assets. By offering VAL as a SaaS, it migrated off an on premises infrastructure to AWS, running on services like Amazon Route53, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 , and Amazon RDS through the help of Amazon Techshift and IMDA Go Cloud Program. This has let ThinkVAL shave months off waiting for server allocation and in implementation times. With AWS, all it takes is a few seconds to spin up the required application and infrastructure, allowing the startup to easily keep pace with its customer growth.


    Electrify is Southeast-Asia's first retail electricity marketplace that lets businesses and households source and compare retail electricity plans. Synergy, an Electrify scalable peer-to-peer energy trading platform, is built on AWS. By running on Amazon S3, AWS IoT, Amazon RDS, AWS Glue, and Amazon Glacier, Electrify has been able to streamline and process its IoT data, reduce its project deployment time by 40% and save three working hours every day.


    Ventaja, a technology solutions provider, offers remittance payments services and online shopping to Filipinos working in Asia and the Middle East. Ventaja migrated its servers from an on premises data center to AWS, which has improved service availability from 90% to 99%. By running on services like AWS VPC, Amazon EC2, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and AWS CodeCommit, Ventaja has sped up remittance payments by 2X compared to its traditional datacentre environment, and lowered its operational costs by 60%.


    Founded in 2002, Singapore’s MuRho provides more than 10,000 users with an inventory and sales management system. By migrating off its legacy data center to AWS through AWS Techshift and IMDA Go Cloud Program, MuRho enjoys scale and cost-savings as it expands overseas; it also ensures that its online customers receive real-time inventory updates, which improves speed to market. The company is all-in on AWS and uses services like Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch.


    UrbanZoom is an AI-driven proptech startup that builds machine learning models to provide home pricing insights to home sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants. By using Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon Sagemaker for computation and memory, UrbanZoom is able to scale its operations and build models that require high computational power, reducing from quarters to weeks the time it takes to run monthly price predictions for residential homes in Singapore over the past 5 years.

    Squad Zip

    Squadzip, a Philippine-founded CRM platform, helps users across multiple industries manage sales and operations. It is all-in on AWS and runs on Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Route53, AWS IAM, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS WAF, Amazon Elasticache, Amazon Cloudfront, AWS CodeDeploy. The start-up is starting to develop AWS Lambda functions, and took advantage of AWS Reserved Instances to save cost. “Before moving to AWS, it took us two weeks to set-up and configure for a new customer; now, the job only takes 7 seconds. Our uptime also improved drastically from 90% to nearly 100%,” says Joaquin Barandino, CTO, Squadzip.


    Multisys Technologies Corporation (Multisys) is a Philippine software engineering solutions firm that provides a wide range of cost-effective and full scale services to tailor-fit and help businesses innovate through service automation. It uses Amazon Aurora Serverless services instead of traditional commercial databases for its fast failover capabilities and storage durability. As a software solution provider, Multisys meets the stringent service level expectations of its customers by standardizing its infrastructure platform on AWS. To date, Multisys has more than 200 systems running on AWS, and it has reduced development and delivery time by 30 percent.


    PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the global lubricants manufacturing arm of Malaysia’s national oil corporation PETRONAS. PLI has standardised its application processes and consolidated multiple versions of SAP and non-SAP systems, migrating these to SAP S/4HANA on AWS. This provides cost benefits as it rolls the migration to 30 countries, and increases the speed of its Dev and Test, shortening implementation and deployment time to market by close to three months. By modernizing its apps, PLI is further set up to adopt advanced services such as serverless, IoT, and data lakes to serve its business users and customers better. 

    Singapore Exchange

    Singapore Exchange is Asia’s leading and trusted market infrastructure, operating equity, fixed income and derivatives markets to the highest regulatory standards. Since overcoming the physical limitations of open-outcry trading pits, technology has been fundamental to the transformation of critical financial-market infrastructures. SGX sees blockchain technology as a way to bring innovation to its distributed financial marketplace, and it developed Delivery-versus-Payment (DvP) capabilities for the settlement of tokenized assets across different blockchain platforms. It is now working with AWS to move its existing investments in Hyperledger Fabric to Amazon Managed Blockchain to eliminate the heavy-lifting typically required in infrastructure setup and focus on adding business value. 


    ShopBack is a one-stop discovery and rewards platform that serves over 8 million consumers and over 2,000 merchant partners. By building and running its data lake on AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Auto-scaling, and Amazon Redshift, while processing over 300 GB of raw data per day, it can now deliver reports and metrics, and experiment and measure its platform features in near real time compared to weeks, bringing a smarter shopping experience to consumers, while providing cost-effective marketing for its merchant partners. 


    Honestbee, an online grocery and food delivery service provider, has over 500 active data users in an organisation of 1000-plus employees. By running its data warehouse on Amazon Redshift, and using AWS Database Migration Services (DMS) as its replication tool to sync production databases on Postgres RDS to Redshift, Honestbee is able to make data available to users with latency under five minutes, compared to up to seven hours previously. This setup gives its data stack reliability, scalability, and flexibility.  


    NETS, Singapore’s leading payment services group, offers a developer API portal for merchants to connect their APIs to enable new payment gateway services. By migrating its on-premises API portal to the AWS cloud, NETS is aggressively growing its merchant portal adoption by 3X, saving 70 percent in IT infrastructure costs, and reducing manhours for portal management and patching by 80 percent. NETS runs services like AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon Route53, and Amazon CloudFront for agility, scalability, and costs savings. 


    Singapore-based customer engagement and loyalty SaaS platform Perx analyzes customers' marketing campaign data in real-time, turning data insights into actionable recommendations. By running on Amazon Aurora and Amazon EKS, it has improved app performance, data loads, and shortened marketing campaigns from planning to launch from over 12 weeks to under a day, increasing user engagement rates by 12X.  


    Singapore start-up, ViSenze, offers an AI-powered visual search platform for retail brands that lets customers both in stores and online search for products by image instead of keyword on mobile devices. By using Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon GPUs, ViSenze can index and process billions of images, where search volume surpasses three million queries a day, and generates search results in less than a second for new product images and under 200 milliseconds for existing ones. That speed, recognition accuracy, and scalability are why ViSenze has grown its business by over 200 percent YoY in 2018.  


    Sephora Southeast Asia, a leader in global prestige retail, has deployed Amazon SageMaker in two experimental use-cases: sales & inventory forecasting, where it is testing different sales forecasting strategies to improve sales tooling in an omnichannel environment; and product keyword tagging, to optimize portions of the product creation process, and it is already reducing the time for product creation by 10 percent on average. 


    Singtel, Singapore's leading communications provider, collaborated with AWS on a JITR (just in time device registration) that automatically simplifies complex device authentication processes. With JITR, IoT devices are instantly and securely logged into the AWS IoT platform via Singtel’s authenticated SIMs – a process which previously took weeks, helping enterprises turn insight into action, and value-add to their customers at a much faster speed than before.  

    ISSI Corp.

    ISSI Corp., a subsidiary of Philippine-based Standard Insurance, provides outsourcing services to US insurance companies. It migrated from physical desktops to Amazon Workspaces as its primary virtual desktop solution. These virtual desktops are linked to its clients’ insurance systems via a secure connection to US insurance data centers. By adopting Amazon Workspaces, it has reduced desktop maintenance to minutes instead of hours, and now it takes 20 minutes on average to provision a new workspace. As a business process outsourcing company, ISSI Corp. has simplified its IT needs by using Amazon Workspaces in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), essentially lowering its CAPEX requirements by 25 percent in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Running Amazon Workspaces has also given ISSI Corp. an added benefit: it meets Business Continuity Program-readiness as its workforce can easily log into their Amazon Workspaces and serve customers from other ISSI offices.


    Bhinneka, a large Indonesian B2B e-commerce player serving over 500,000 business customers, uses AWS to run its omni-channel platform, which integrates the Web, mobile, stores, call center, representatives offices and service centers. It built its own chat bot and prediction engine, running on Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon S3, which has helped increase its customers’ sales conversions by 21 percent with ML recommendations.


    Malaysian shopping aggregation portal, Shoppr, uses Amazon Rekognition to enhance data insights to serve over 3,000 Malaysian and international customer brands better. It analyzes the images of fans of fashion brand ambassadors on social media, identifying the demographics of each fan. It then combines this knowledge with its portal’s user data to help fashion brands target and recommend new outfits to buy on its portal. Shoppr analyzes close to 10 million social media images per month, relying on Amazon S3, Amazon Athena, ElasticSearch, API gateway, and AWS Lambda to deliver faster data queries.


    InvolveAsia provides online tools to help web, mobile, and social publishers automate targeted advertising on popular blog/websites, maximizing their earnings through intelligent product and service placements. The Malaysian company’s software platform, which feeds real time, consistently high read/write information to publishers during large-scale e-commerce events, causes a performance bottleneck, leading InvolveAsia to overprovision its database resources by spinning up new servers, skyrocketing its IT costs. AWS helped re-architect InvolveAsia’s existing infrastructure by reducing its usage of provisioned IOPs, adopting Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SQS, Amazon EC2, and Amazon CloudFront. As a result, the company brought its overall cloud spend down by 75%, while maintaining a scalable, consistent performance throughout two major e-commerce events (11th Nov and 12th Dec) in 2017. 


    Sansiri is one of the largest real estate developers in Thailand offering a full range of housing units. With the help of its partner DalliTech, Sansiri launched the Sansiri A.I. Box, the first Thai-speaking, Alexa-enabled AI/ML device, which is a key initiative that will help Sansiri deliver a better user experience to its customers for home automation, services and lifestyle functions. To achieve this, DailiTech helped Sansiri design, architect, and implement this solution from the ground up. The solution runs on AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3 while using DailiTech’s Natural Language Processing technology that takes user input in Thai, then analyzes and processes it into a format understandable to Amazon Lex. 

    SCB Abacus

    SCB Abacus is the first advanced data analytics spin-off of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) in the Thai financial industry. It is pioneering cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to advance SCB’s customer banking service excellence, and runs AWS services like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, Hadoop, and Amazon Security services to enable this.   


    To provide its customers with an offline/online/mobile converged shopping experience, migrating to a cloud platform was an obvious decision for Challenger, a Singapore consumer electronics chain. With a network of 38 stores and an online website, Hachi.tech, serving over 1 million ValueClub members, the company built a converged system to support both offline retail (Challenger) & online marketplace (Hachi.Tech), letting it offer customer click-buy (online) & collect (in-store), or even deliver to or collect at another store. By running on AWS, Challenger is able to slash IT infrastructure provisioning time and cost, enabling the IT development team to instantiate or drop compute/storage instances in a matter of minutes, which allows the company to set up a new store’s IT infrastructure in days, instead of weeks. 


    Singapore-based COURTS Asia Limited is a leading furniture, electrical and IT retailer in Southeast Asia that offers superior value and experience to its customers. In August 2017, it launched its 3rd generation e-commerce platform on AWS, leveraging services such as Amazon Elasticsearch Service, AWS Shield, and Amazon Relational Database Service. With this new generation, COURTS was able to increase the range that it offers by 66%, quadrupling buyers’ content and streamlining the check-out process. 


    Kumparan is Indonesia’s first hybrid media platform, combining news reporting with user generated content. Journalists and users actively communicate and collaborate with each other to deliver high quality, credible news through web and mobile channels to millions of readers daily. By using Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and AWS Marketplace for its applications, the company is able to accelerate its time to market, with web development going 'live' in three months, down from nine-months. Kumparan is also able to scale its services, even with a 3X spike in traffic, and saves up to 30% on implementation costs using AWS, compared to running an on-premise infrastructure. 

    Optic Seis

    Indonesia's Optikseis uses AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS and Amazon Cloudfront for its web and mobile applications. It is able to autoscale its services, even with a 4X spike in traffic. It has saved up to 40% on implementation costs, compared to its previous web service provider. 


    Pakwheels.com is Pakistan’s #1 automotive portal, and serves over 25 million visitors annually, who view more than 250 million pages on the website. In 2017, 50% of Pakistan’s internet population visited Pakwheels.com to buy and sell over 400,000 vehicles. Pakwheels migrated its core workloads onto AWS from a data center and for the first time in 15 years, PakWheels achieved an uptime of 99.9%. It also reduced response times across the board. By moving to AWS, it delivered a build with zero downtime, in the middle of the day, during peak hours with maximum traffic, which is another first for Pakwheels. 


    Wavecell is Asia’s leading cloud communications platform. The Singapore-based company extensively uses AWS Cloud as an infrastructure to build scalable and geo-distributed communication platform that reached 99.999% uptime over the last few years. Wavecell currently uses AWS services like Amazon EC2, Amazon Cloudwatch, Amazon S3, Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, Amazon Route53, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon GuardDuty to successfully send hundreds of millions of messages monthly.


    Momo, a Vietnamese mobile payment start-up, uses AWS to perform data analytics at scale and from many different sources, which they could not achieve with an on-premise infrastructure. Its offers more than 100 services, serving 1 million active users, and 4,000 point of sales locations. Momo consolidates its data to Amazon S3, and has just completed their first machine learning model using Amazon EC2. With Amazon Athena, Momo’s data analysts can directly query S3 log files without waiting for complex ETL process, which improves data analysis time five-fold, leading to quicker insights and business decisions.

    NTUC Link

    When NTUC Link, a NTUC Social Enterprise in Singapore which runs a loyalty programme for 2 million members, embarked on its digital transformation journey, it selected AWS as the enabling cloud platform to host and build its advanced data, analytics and other related platform services. Using on-demand and utility-based services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Redshift, NTUC Link has been able to quickly and cost-effectively centralize and scale data collection from multiple sources, allowing it to deliver greater user insights to over 1,100 merchant partners. NTUC Link has also embraced Agile and DevOps culture since moving to the cloud, resulting in time savings of at least 50 percent from product development to launch.


    Spuul offers an over-the-top (OTT) service across Web, mobile/tablets (iOS, Android), smart TVs to stream and download feature-length movies, short films, and TV shows in different Indian regional languages. It recently added Live TV shows to its services using AWS Elementals Suite. Singapore-based Spuul has migrated its Media Asset Management, Billing and Customer Management from MySQL to Amazon Aurora. Aurora allows Spuul to run big data-related workloads on live data sets by leveraging read-replicas and clones. The deep integration of Aurora with the AWS ecosystem lets Spuul offload data sets directly to Amazon S3 and work with Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift without requring complex transformations. By leveraging AWS Lambda events on each row, any update can be directly visualized in its Analytics or Financial dashboards.


    "Wisesight is a leading social analytics service in Thailand. We serve more than 100 clients with real-time and historical social analytics based on over 12 billion social voices. Our platforms and services not only help businesses make better strategic decisions from reliable insights but also enable brands to capture social moments in real-time. AWS enhances our big data infrastructure with reliability and scaling capabilities which is unmatched by any other cloud infrastructure providers. The ability to commission and decommision large numbers of servers on demand without a hassle has been a life-saver for us on multiple occasions." - Kla Tangsuwan, Managing Director, Wisesight.


    Eatigo’s free online web and mobile reservations platform connects empty tables with empty stomachs, offering users discounts of up to 50% at participating restaurants. App performance based on its legacy web architecture suffers during peak hours, affecting the customer booking experience. By moving its legacy web servers and other main applications to run on Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and using microservices running Amazon ECS, it has benefited from load balancing, auto scaling, and weighted routing, reducing its server/configuration management by 90 percent, speeding up new environment set up from development to production by 75 percent, and increasing its app performance by 80 percent.


    Knorex provides a precision performance marketing platform to brands, agencies and media companies, deepening their end-user engagement via sophisticated, dynamic, and personalized marketing, delivered at the right moment. By using Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, and Amazon CloudWatch, its lean ops team runs a cost-effective, agile, and on-demand cloud infrastructure that can auto-scale quickly to support its customers. Knorex serves 50TB of data per month, and 3.5B content requests per month (and growing) on its platform. Using serverless services such as Kinesis, Lambda, S3, coupled with Spark running on mesos cluster built with Docker containers, Knorex sped up data processing 6X the original speed, changing from hourly to real time stream processing, saving at least 30% of entire processing and storage cost, achieving high processing availability and better recovery.

  • Global Spotlight

    Ben Wilson, CTO of GE Oil & Gas, talks about how the global energy division of General Electric is using AWS to migrate about 500 applications to the cloud as part of a broad digital transformation.

    The New York City Department of Transportation improves the safety of all New Yorkers by using the Cloud to build web applications that support the city's Vision Zero.

    Edwards Life Sciences moved its entire production system into the AWS Cloud, completing the migration in less than four months.  

    Netflix, one of the world’s leading Internet television networks, is using AWS to deliver billions of hours of content monthly, and run its analytics platform for optimum performance of its global service.  

    Julia Grace, head of infrastructure engineering for Slack, describes how AWS has enabled Slack’s meteoric growth. Amazon Lex, now integrated with Slack, lets developers take advantage of advanced AI and machine learning capabilities without having to code complex algorithms.  

    Samsung Electronic Printing deployed a new app store on AWS instead of using a traditional IT environment, enabling mobile users anywhere to download apps that help them print remotely from their devices.  

    Learn how AdRoll, one of the most widely adopted retargeting platforms on the web, uses AWS to analyze, bid on and serve 50 billion ad impressions everyday.

    Learn how Novartis compressed 39 years of computational chemistry into 9 hours with AWS, screening 10 million compounds and identifying three promising candidates for about $4,000.

    Canon’s Office Imaging Products division uses AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon IAM for test, development, and production of new services.

    Since 2008, Airbnb has relied on AWS to grow its community-based, travel marketplace to over 9 million guests in five years. AWS allows Airbnb to scale its infrastructure automatically to host up to 150,000 guests any day or night.

    Philips' CEO of Connected Care, Jeroen Tas, discusses his vision for IoT in healthcare and why they are platforming on AWS.

    Guardian News and Media increased the velocity of releases for its digital properties from 25 in 2012 to 40,000 in 2015 by using AWS.

    Learn how Comcast, one of the nation's largest providers of video, high-speed Internet, and voice services, uses AWS to power the X1 Platform and deliver high-speed, interactive entertainment to customers on demand.

    After the move to AWS, Condé Nast Russia experiences uptimes of 99.9 percent, a 15 percent increase from the availability in the data center. And if the site does go down, it can be restored in a matter of minutes from a back-up system. 

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