Are you migrating your databases to the cloud, or building new applications in the cloud? We’ll be on Reddit on May 22, 2018 to answer questions about Amazon Aurora, the MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database that’s been the fastest growing service in AWS history.

We’ll be with Anurag Gupta, VP of database and analytics services at AWS, and several other members of the product team. Please feel free to ask us about:

  • Why we built Aurora, and how it’s designed
  • Migrating your data to the cloud
  • Scaling, securing, and reducing costs for your database
  • Fully-managed database services vs. managing the database yourself
  • Aurora Serverless, Aurora Multi-Master and other upcoming features we’ve announced
  • Integration of Aurora into your application architecture
  • What it’s like to build services at AWS

We’ll start answering questions at 9AM PDT. See you soon at

Amazon Aurora