Sydney | Sept 5th & 6th

Melbourne | Sept 19th & 20th

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Saturday AM. Pitching and Teams 10am-12pm

Starts Saturday morning. Pitch your idea in 2-3 minutes or join another team. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about your idea, it is all about understanding the process. . Lots of networking in a relaxed, no worries environment.

Saturday Mid Day. Get Started 12pm-3pm

Starts Saturday early afternoon. Got your team, your idea and now build our your framework, then get down to the building of the idea. Build, reiterate, test and build again to get to your MVP. Learn to validate your business model. Expert business and developer mentors will be on site to help you with your journey.

Saturday Afternoon. Build your App/Website Sat 3pm- Sunday 4pm

Starts Saturday afternoon straight thru to Sunday afternoon. Power through the night or call it a night and pick up at 9am Sunday – your choice. We’ll have plenty of food and caffeine on hand to keep you going…

Sunday Afternoon. Pitch 4pm-6pm

Demo your app/site for the final pitches. Win prizes worth thousands that will propel your idea to the next level. Your idea is now in business beta mode and is now ready to take to developers for further development, or to investors to raise funds.