May 25, 2023 | Convene, Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty Street, NYC

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AWS Financial Services Cloud Symposium

Breakout Themes

Building for stability

Hear how Financial Services companies are using AWS to meet evolving regulatory requirements and improve their security, resiliency, availability, and governance capabilities.

Modernizing for agility

Discover how financial institutions are modernizing legacy systems to operate more efficiently, gain the ability to scale, and reduce costs.                 

Innovating for impact

Learn how Financial Services organizations are using AWS database, analytics, and AI/ML services to optimize processes and uncover deeper insights to drive innovation.

Inventing for customers

Explore how companies are adapting to evolving customer expectations by personalizing products and services and improving the overall customer experience.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM EDT Arrival, Registration, Badge Collection, Continental Breakfast
09:30 AM - 10:45 AM EDT Opening Remarks
Scott Mullins, Managing Director, AWS Financial Services Worldwide
10:45 AM - 11:30 AM EDT Morning Networking Break & Exhibition
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11:30 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

KX: Enabling practical value and innovation with time series analytics

Ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of data can be a key differentiator for effective business decisions at speed. Learn how KX’s high-performance kdb Insights time series analytics engine on AWS enables customers to realize new horizons in cloud modernization and value, in addition to innovation for infrastructure, market data, and front office teams. By optimizing analytic workflows of streaming, vector, and matrix data for research, modelling, and production, KX’s kdb Insights and Data Timehouse® technology offers financial institutions powerful opportunities to facilitate faster time-to-market and generate long-term, practical value.

Connor Gervin, Lead Partnership Architect, KX

Karen Roche, Alliances & Partner Manager, KX

Ensuring cloud reliability during migration with Gremlin

The cloud can have tremendous reliability benefits, but can also create significant reliability risks, especially if you’re handling a high volume of sensitive data for a hundred million customers. In this talk, Gremlin Founder and CTO Kolton Andrus will share practical advice and learnings from helping hundreds of companies ensure reliability throughout their cloud journey—including a top five bank. You’ll learn how the cloud can help improve your reliability to maximize your investment, how to minimize the involved risks, and how to align your organization to continuously improve your reliability. Whether you are building new applications or migrating old ones, now is the perfect time to build a reliability practice about proactively stopping costly outages before they happen.

Kolton Andrus, Co-Founder & CTO, Gremlin


Navigating Generative AI for Financial Services with NVIDIA

Generative AI has the potential to impact every function in a bank including document management, transaction fraud, HPC pricing and risk, algorithmic trading, trading research, risk and wealth management. Discover how NVIDIA can support financial services firms to overcome challenges and build customized generative AI models for language and digital experiences. Learn about models that can be trained with appropriate guardrails, proprietary data, and for domain-specific tasks.

Malcolm deMayo, VP, Financial Services, NVIDIA


Splunk's approach to compliance and resiliency in the modern financial ecosystem

It is estimated that banks have processed over $1.2 billion in ransomware payments to cyber criminals in 2021 in response to the uptick in cyber exploits targeting the financial sector. In response, the Federal Reserve and insurance companies have increased data logging and monitoring requirements, as claims have soared over 300% in the last few years. This development has caused increased strain on the financial sector with the time, energy and money needed to address increased requirements. Learn about Splunk’s answer to this challenge which is a “compliance over time” approach that reduces overall risk to the ecosystem while increasing resiliency.

Christian Crisan, Managing Director, Financial Services Advisory, Splunk

Anthony Pierce
, Field CTO, AMER, Splunk


12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EDT Networking Lunch & Exhibition
  Building for Stability Modernizing for Agility Innovating for Impact Inventing for Customers

01:00 PM – 01:30 PM EDT


How OCC is enhancing resilience, security, and scalability for market participants

Learn how operating on AWS will enable OCC’s future Ovation platform, launching in 2025, to provide high-velocity clearing and settlement capabilities to market participants, while meeting the regulatory requirements of a Systemically Important Financial Market Utility, and preserving secure and reliable operations.

Dave Hoag
, Chief Information Officer, OCC

Russell Lewis, Principal Compliance Specialist, AWS

How LTX is modernizing corporate bond e-trading with AWS

LTX, A Broadridge Company, has moved its trading platform and critical business applications to AWS. The AI-powered corporate bond trading platform delivers enhanced data and trade execution capabilities to enable buy-side investors and dealers to make smarter trading decisions. Join this session to hear about the lessons learned along LTX’s journey to modernize its e-trading technology while providing increased security, agility and scalability for clients.

LJ Hanson
, Vice President, DevOps Engineering, LTX

Max Winter, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS


How Swift is pioneering digital currency interoperability on AWS

Swift is leading the payments community as it navigates new forms of money. The cooperative is working with its global community to enable instant and frictionless transactions, irrespective of the form they take - with a key focus on interlinking global central bank digital currency networks and existing payment systems for cross border transactions. Join this session to find out about Swift’s ground-breaking CBDC developments, including the recent Sandbox experiment run with 18 global commercial banks and central banks, leveraging AWS as the foundational location of the sandbox for the industry experimentation.

Tom Zschach, Chief Innovation Officer, Swift


How KKR built a cloud-native investor portal to delight customers

KKR, a global asset management firm with offices in 23 countries, wanted to meet the needs of its global client base and create a bespoke investor portal experience around real-time access to fund information, reporting capabilities, and thought leadership. However, its existing third-party SaaS solution didn’t provide self-service functionality and limited the ability to deliver a holistic client experience. In this session, learn how KKR leveraged micro frontends and serverless architecture to fully rebuild its investor portal on AWS in less than a year. Hear lessons learned and how the portal is delivering tailored experiences to multiple client segments.

Leo Bogdanov, Director, Digital Client Experience, KKR


01:40 PM - 02:10 PM EDT


Aegon enables regulatory readiness with real-time compliance monitoring

When the regulator comes knocking, are you prepared?” asks Melissa Fisher, Director for Internal Controls at Aegon. As a global Financial Services company, Aegon has an obligation to their clients and regulators to maintain a robust control framework and demonstrate compliance. With approximately 200 AWS accounts, they struggled to find off-the-shelf tools that could easily achieve this. This session will cover how Aegon used AWS technologies to create a security data lake and dashboard for real-time compliance reporting that could also be used to demonstrate the impact of security-related programs, and ensure a streamlined, accessible approach to cloud compliance.

Melissa Fisher, Director, Internal Controls, Aegon

Steve Lynch, Principal Security SA, WW Financial Services, AWS

Principal Financial Enterprise Data Foundation on AWS

Principal Financial Group has embarked on an extensive effort to modernize its rich, but fragmented, data landscape to deliver on its mission of democratizing data, insights, and analytics for customers, partners, and employees. Built as a data mesh on AWS with Snowflake as a core component, the Enterprise Data Foundation (EDF) brings consistency and scale, enabling teams to develop new data products autonomously, while seamlessly integrating data governance, security, compliance, discoverability, and consumption into its provisioning. Learn about what it took to get EDF off the ground and how it will deliver on customer centricity and business agility.

Karthik Balakrishnan, Ph.D., Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Principal Financial Group


How MUFG unlocks innovation with an MLOps infrastructure

MUFG Global Markets wanted to streamline its development lifecycle in order to drive innovation and transform its culture. In this session, learn how and why MUFG built an MLOps infrastructure on AWS called AQUAM, beginning with the modification of source code and culminating in the deployment of models to a production environment. The MLOps infrastructure, which uses Amazon SageMaker, empowered developers to achieve an autonomous and faster analysis cycle while providing the team with more time to handle business challenges. This session will highlight that empowering developers is not only a process change but also an essential part of an organization’s culture and helps to maximize business value.

Tetsuo Horigane, Director, Head of Quants Innovation, MUFG Bank


How Moody’s Analytics migrated its reference database to improve customer experience

The Orbis database is the preeminent enterprise entity reference source with firmographic data on more than 450 million public and private companies. Given its ever-expanding data universe and growing customer needs, Bureau van Dijk (a Moody’s Analytics company) invested in technology and processes to provide clients robust data in a scalable and resilient way. In this session, they will share their journey to migrate Orbis and its thousands of customers to AWS. Learn how they focused engineering resources to build a cloud footprint and refactor to create specialized databases to reduce critical incidents and expand customer outreach with novel engagement.

Dominique Gribot-Carroz
, Global Head of Customer Experience, Moody's


02:10 PM - 02:40 PM EDT Afternoon Networking Break & Exhibition

02:40 PM - 03:10 PM EDT


Fidelity’s journey to minimize friction while evolving cloud governance

It is critically important for financial organizations to manage the compliance and resiliency requirements of their cloud ecosystems, but how do they do so while minimizing friction to their development teams? Fidelity equips leaders with the insights and tools to understand how their teams are delivering secure, stable, and scalable solutions as they enable developers to focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences. Learn how Fidelity has evolved its governance practices to keep pace with rapidly accelerating cloud adoption and regulatory requirements. Hear about the organization’s latest data-driven process improvements and what’s on the horizon in Fidelity’s cloud governance strategy.

Phyllis O'Dwyer, Director, Cloud Integration Experience, Fidelity Investments

David Jackson, VP, Cloud Automation and Tooling, Fidelity Investments

How Morgan Stanley has evolved its HPC platform and operations on AWS

Morgan Stanley leverages the elasticity of AWS to scale complex risk calculation grid workloads and provide consistent trading risk management through volatile markets. The financial institution, which takes a cloud-first approach to innovation, has built a high-performance computing (HPC) platform on AWS, which is managed by a highly efficient HPC team, and governed with a cloud operating model that enables agility. Learn how Morgan Stanley has evolved its HPC platform and operating model to meet changing business needs, including enabling compliance with FRTB.

Vikas Chawla, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley


How TSYS helps customers maximize card programs through data and analytics

TSYS is helping financial services customers mine their data to extract insights, in support of mitigating risk and driving revenue. Through the TSYS data and analytics platform (TDAP), which runs on AWS, financial institutions can harness the power of actionable data to enable positive business outcomes. In this session, learn how TSYS is using AWS services such as S3, MSK, EKS, and RDS Postgres to facilitate data management, aggregate testing, and accelerate customer deployments. TSYS will also cover their journey in becoming a cloud-first, product-led organization.

Dondi Black
, EVP, Chief Product Officer at TSYS, Global Payments

Ali Fawaz, CTO, Data & Enterprise Architecture, Global Payments  

Truist: building digital trust at scale with an omnichannel experience

After the successful merger of BB&T and SunTrust, Truist set out to redefine client experience. At the heart of everything was a mandate to build digital trust with their millions of clients. Join Truist as they share their journey of building an omnichannel banking experience with AWS, using services such as Amazon Connect, Contact Lens, and Amazon Lex. Learn how they create a seamless connection to their clients, from their call center to their online, mobile, and conversational banking experiences. You’ll hear the challenges and lessons learned along the way to scale new digital experiences that drive increased client satisfaction.

Chad Elley, SVP, Head of Client Element/Assisted Channels, Truist


03:20 PM - 03:50 PM EDT


Toolkit for highly available systems in Financial Services

Disruptions can result in having a significant impact on financial institutions, including data loss, increased costs, and customer turnover. Understanding how an application failure or service disruption impacts a mission-critical system is vital and becomes increasingly complex for large-scale workloads. In this session, learn how financial services customers can build resilient, highly available systems on AWS.

Brooke Mullen, Solutions Architect, AWS

Shivani Sharma, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

SaaS-ification: Generating new revenue streams using existing technology assets

Join this session to learn about the multi-tenant design that the AWS Financial Services Industry Prototyping and Cloud Engineering team created to help customers launch new SaaS offerings based on their existing technology assets. The session will cover patterns and best practices that financial services customers may follow to monetize their assets using AWS technology. Stay tuned for the walkthrough of a reference implementation which will be open-sourced for all AWS customers.

Bikash Behera, Principal Enterprise Transformation Architect, AWS

Anthony Watson, Solutions Architect, AWS

Create an auditable, secure source of trusted data to fuel innovation using AWS

Cloud-based data lakes help liberate data from core systems and ingest data from external sources, making it easier to store, stage, and process data. Using the AWS FSI Lake Solution Accelerator as an example, hear about how people, processes, and data can come together to bring a data management solution into production in 3 months. Learn how your organization’s innovation flywheel can gain momentum by using data to train fraud or risk machine learning models, feed a 360-degree view of customer insights, and dramatically reduce IT costs.

John Lucking, Insurance Tech Lead, Financial Services, AWS


Customer 360: better insights with visualization, ML, and NLP

Attracting and retaining high-net worth clients requires modern solutions to meet evolving expectations and drive new business. AWS enables financial services relationship managers to focus on scaling their book of business with an automated "Customer 360" that provides a single, unified view of customer data and insights including business sentiment analysis, alerts, trends, and predictive analytics. Learn about how AWS works with financial institutions to improve their agility with proactive servicing to increase conversion rates and enhance staff productivity.

Hassan Abdel-Rahim, Sr. Customer Solutions Manager, AWS

Jorge Castans Garcia, Solutions Architect, AWS

03:50 PM - 04:20 PM EDT Afternoon Networking Break & Exhibition

04:20 PM - 04:50 PM EDT


How Wealthsimple achieves agility and platform resilience on AWS

As one of Canada’s largest fintechs and a cloud-native company, Wealthsimple takes pride in being agile and highly responsive to change. In this session, learn about how Wealthsimple built solutions on AWS to handle large bursts of traffic and keep its trading platform reliable, scalable, and resilient—whether the fintech is facing known market events such as daily market opens, or unexpected events such as the meme-stock craze.

Anne Steptoe, Vice President, Infrastructure, Wealthsimple


How Better Mortgage is modernizing the home-buying process

Better Mortgage has built and launched a new One Day Mortgage™ offering on AWS which allows customers to go online, get pre-approved, lock their rate and get a mortgage commitment letter from Better, all within 24 hours—significantly faster than the standard process which traditionally takes 30 or more days. Join this session to learn about the cloud technology that underpins Better’s new offering as well as how the company uses AWS to digitize the mortgage loan process, lower costs for customers, and revolutionize the mortgage industry.

Nicholas Calamari, Chief Administrative Officer, Better Mortgage


How Fitch Group uses sustainable technology to empower investors

What if you could use technology to help mitigate climate change, support social justice, and ensure open and transparent governance – all while building a new profit center for your business? The Fitch Group recently developed Sustainable Fitch on AWS to empower investors to choose investments based on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) attributes. In this session, learn how Fitch uses AWS services such as MSK, Glue, Athena, and SageMaker to create entirely new lines of products that improve the world, while simultaneously improving Fitch’s bottom line.

Derek Ferguson, Chief Enterprise Architect, Fitch Group


How The Hartford enhanced the auto claims experience on AWS

Large enterprises want to innovate for their customers, but many struggle to bring their ideas to life. The Hartford wanted to expand auto claims digital self-service for a better customer experience and reduce contact center traffic. In this session, hear how The Hartford built a foundational architecture on AWS to provide industry-leading customer service. Learn how The Hartford used Amazon Working Backwards mechanisms and AWS services to reimagine the first notice of loss (FNOL) experience and help drivers get back on the road quickly.

Priya Balasubramanian, Director Software Engineering, Claims IT – Auto, Property & General Liability, The Hartford

Keith Pajonas, Principal Customer Delivery Architect, AWS

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM EDT Democratize data at scale with Fannie Mae

As Fannie Mae embarked on its modernization journey, it needed to address capacity, scalability and elasticity needs of a large data footprint of multiple petabytes. This session will outline how Fannie Mae enabled democratized cloud native data using a data mesh architecture, in which one or more dataset are part of a data product with clear ownership and controls at the product level, similar to applications. Fannie Mae will dive deep into how this self-service architecture offered an innovative approach to delivering high-quality information and insights to their customers, and across business units, in an automated, secure and more efficient manner.

Kiran Ramineni, VP, Cloud & Data Architecture, Fannie Mae
AQR Capital’s secure, iterative deployments using microservices

Central to creating its investment models are business applications that AQR Capital builds in-house. AQR migrated to AWS to scale its workloads more flexibly and free up developers time to build innovative investment solutions. Learn about the benefits of AQR’s migration, including their improved deployment process which runs microservices, allowing developers to reduce application provisioning time from weeks to minutes, and empowers teams across the organization to iterate rapidly and securely.

Michael Raposa, Managing Director, Platform Engineering, AQR Capital Management
How Verafin uses big data on AWS to fight financial crime

Verafin, a Nasdaq company, is an industry leader in anti-financial crime solutions and a pioneer in disruptive technology that helps banks detect fraud and money laundering activity. Choosing to migrate to the cloud with AWS nearly a decade ago enabled a step-change in innovation to support Verafin’s growing network of customers. Verafin will discuss how AWS technology enables Verafin to deliver scalable, world-class solutions to banks of all sizes, including rapid response to emerging trends and regulatory change, improved payments fraud detection with big data approaches, and information sharing to enable collaborative investigations into connected criminal activity.

Hazel Dalton, CTO, Nasdaq AFC (Verafin)
BMO: Reinventing a bank’s data strategy

BMO is building a modern data strategy with AWS to drive deeper insights which will delight new and existing customers. BMO will dive deep into how banks can drive business outcomes leveraging thoughtfully architected solutions on AWS to provide both incremental and long-term value. This session will delve into an executive perspective of mobilizing to drive meaningful change at a large organization.

Kim Prado, Chief Information Officer for US Capital Markets and Head of Technology for Investment & Corporate Banking & Office of the COO, BMO Capital
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM EDT Networking Reception & Exhibition