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As cloud technology matures, adoption rates have accelerated by demands from businesses and organizations to deliver transformational solutions faster and stave off unexpected competition. Migrating to AWS increases competitive edge, operational agility and modernize IT infrastructure.

Watch AWS Cloud Migration Online Series On-Demand to help you get started, accelerate and address common blockers in your cloud migration journey. No matter if it's SAP, Microsoft, VMware workloads or database, data and server migration, this free online event provides you with the best practices and guides to migrate to AWS. Whether you are beginning to build on AWS, or expanding your cloud practice, there are many opportunities to grow, succeed, and deliver on business outcomes.

Key Benefits of Migrating
Cost Savings
Staff Productivity
Operational Resilience
Business Agility

Application and Workload Migration

Sessions & Synopsis

Tools and Methods to Maximize Value, Gain Cost Visibility, and Save Cost when Migrating to AWS (Level 200)

In this session, discover how the AWS tools and services can help improve your migration readiness, simplify migration planning, and enhance your ability to manage and save cost on AWS. Learn how other customers have used these tools and services to reduce migration friction, better operational efficiency, and lower cost in their migration journey.

Duration: 30 mins

VMware Cloud on AWS - Migrate and Extend with Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) (Level 200)

Customers are using VMware Cloud on AWS to accelerate cloud migrations, deploy hybrid architectures and replace their disaster recovery environments. VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX), which is included in VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers with the ability to stretch their data center networks into the cloud, and perform live migrations between their on-premise and cloud environments. In this session, we cover how this unique capability works, and demonstrate how customers are using it to achieve seamless rapid migration and hybrid cloud architecture. Best practices for implementation will also be shared.

Duration: 30 mins

Why AWS is the Best Place to Run Windows Workloads (Level 200)

According to IDC, AWS runs 57.7% of the worldwide Windows servers in the public cloud. This session covers the tools and capabilities that users of Microsoft products can leverage on AWS. Learn how you can move and optimize your Microsoft solutions on AWS, including the options to reduce risk, as well as address the concerns around end of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. Find out how to create a business case for cloud migration, use AWS tools and services to easily migrate your existing workloads, be compliant and optimize your workloads on AWS, and realize the value of the cloud.

Duration: 45 mins

Migrating SAP Workloads to AWS: Best Practices and Tips (Level 200)

We understand SAP is a critical application in your IT landscape and minimizing time to migrate is important to reduce impact on business. In this session, learn some of the best practices that will help you find the right tools and reduce time to migrate to AWS.

Duration: 30 mins

Modernize IT Infrastructure

Sessions & Synopsis

Migrate Your Database to AWS (Level 200)  

In this session, we cover database migrations from on premises to the cloud and from self-hosted to fully managed databases. We provide an overview of common migration scenarios, such as Oracle and SQL Server to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Aurora, and Cassandra and MongoDB to Amazon DynamoDB, and so on. We also share best practices for migrating databases to the cloud.

Duration: 45 mins

Data Migration to AWS (Level 200)

A key part of moving applications to the cloud is migrating data. AWS offers several simple services for data migration at a petabyte scale. Whether you are looking to migrate archives, home directories through to media content, AWS has destinations to enable a simple and cost effective migration. In this session, learn about the AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Deep Archive, AWS DataSync and AWS Storage Gateway. Understand how you can migrate data sets into AWS and determine which options can best fit your requirements.

Duration: 30 mins

Security and Compliance Path for Migrating to AWS (Level 200)

Security and compliance are often top of the mind when migrating to AWS. In this session learn how to approach your migration following a tried and tested path. Find out how AWS shared security model and cloud native security services are to used protect your data and workloads, and build a cloud security strategy.

Duration: 30 mins

Simplify, Expedite, and Automate Migrations to AWS with CloudEndure (Level 200)

The complexity of enterprise IT environments with diverse infrastructure and OS types, monolithic legacy applications, mission critical databases, compatibility issues, and continuously changing workloads can make cloud migrations challenging. And don't forget your business' demands for the project - limited downtime, no performance disruption, and tight timelines with limited budget. In this session, we show you how our recent acquisition of CloudEndure can help you simplify, expedite, and automate migrations to AWS. Understand how to reduce time, risk, and specialized skill sets needed for complex migration projects. Learn how to minimize performance disruption during replication and shorten cutover windows to minutes.

Duration: 30 mins

Other Activities
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