The decision to migrate to the cloud can be driven by several factors. While there are several components found in each successful migration, there is no one-size-fits-all solution on deciding the best approach.
Read this whitepaper to learn about the model AWS has developed that many customers have found useful:

  • The Five-Phases of Cloud Migration.
  • The Six Common Strategies for Migrating to the Cloud (“The 6 R’s”).
  • The Economics and Benefits of Cloud Migration.
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This guide provides a collection of insights captured and distilled from direct conversations and engagements between AWS and customer CFOs representing an extensive range of industries. The report provides an overview of cloud adoption business drivers as well as raise important questions about staffing and technology decisions while surfacing measurements and indicators specific to cloud environments that impact the bottom line.

Findings also include:

  • How to Deliver Business Agility
  • ROI Impact of Timing and Sequence
  • Change Management and Governance
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SAP workloads represent some of the most critical and deeply integrated business applications. Organizations migrating to the cloud cannot risk application downtime or productivity loss.
Read this paper to understand:

  • AWS Tools and Resources for SAP Migration
  • Running SAP HANA on AWS
  • How to design highly available architecture to support mission critical SAP workloads.
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A Proven Solution: Migrating Microsoft Applications to the AWS Cloud

The cloud is the future—but it’s quickly becoming the present and organizations committed to a cloud strategy are reaping the rewards.
Read the IDG Research whitepaper to see why 54% of respondents plan to adopt and use AWS to help them execute their cloud strategies.

Learn how AWS can help you:

  • Increase Business Agility
  • Rapidly Deploy and Scale New Business Applications
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
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