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Introducing Amazon Digital Suite Software, powered by AWS

Amazon Digital Suite for SMB is a set of easy to use software powered by AWS, designed to meet your business needs, available at attractive price points, and with dedicated support. Amazon Digital Suite is part of Amazon’s initiative to digitize SMBs across India. All Amazon Digital Suite products are provided with extensive support, consolidated invoicing, and auto-renewal through a single touch point.

Move at the speed of your customers. Leverage cloud solutions and build a Future-Ready Business. ​SMBs today are adopting new working models and shifting to a digital world. The right technology becomes a critical asset to enable them to respond faster to customer needs, improve products and services, and reduce costs.

AWS for small business key benefits

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By choosing a cloud model you will save money by reducing your technology investment costs. ​

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Run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. ​

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Scale your business as demand for your products grows and serve your customers instantly around the globe.

Amazon Digital Suite Software

Automate your business with software designed for you. Choose the solution you need to achieve your business goals: from reaching new customers and strengthening existing ones, automating HR processes to save time to your employees or powering your finances through online payments.


Delight your customers, from wherever you are - Customer-for-life software for SMBs
Essential HR business tools to survive and thrive
Power your finances and grow your business
Be GST compliant, no hassle, and 100% online
Scale and reach customers across channels faster and with ease
Manage business digitally with ease

Avail additional benefits by purchasing Amazon Digital Suite at Amazon Business Marketplace

Amazon Business is one of India’s largest marketplaces for SMBs, which combines the selection, convenience and value you expect from Amazon, with features that can help improve your operations and lower your costs.

Tax credit

Get GST input tax credit and save up to 28% on your business purchases 

Get better rates

Make the most of exclusive deals and bulk buying discounts on business purchases 


Enforce compliance restrictions on purchasing to meet your organizational policies 

Amazon Digital Suite for Indian SMB

Customer stories

Learn how SMB customers in India have leveraged AWS technology to expand their business, save costs and build a flexible and secure IT platform.

Accelerate time to market by moving to Cloud
Reduce infrastructure, safety and compliance costs with AWS
Leveraging cloud for DR and predictive maintenance
Increase focus on customer experience with AWS

Other AWS solutions

AWS provides a range of services to help you build your future-ready business: storage, website hosting, sales forecasting and customer engagement. Explore the solutions you need and get started easily.

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Data storage and disaster recovery

AWS offers a complete range of services to store, access, and analyze your data to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation.​

Cloud Storage Disaster Recovery
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Website and small-scale workload migration

Whether you’re looking for a marketing, rich-media, or ecommerce website, AWS offers a wide-range of website hosting options. ​

Web hosting on AWS
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Run accurate time-series forecasting, based on the same technology used at Amazon.com, no machine learning experience required.

Amazon Forecast
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Customer engagement solutions

Engage your customers throughout their lifecycle in a personal, dynamic, and natural way across contact centers, through mobile and email messaging.

Customer Engagement on AWS


Find resources to help you understand how technology can help you achieve your business priorities.

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An easy guide to understanding cloud computing for small and medium business leaders.

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Impact of COVID-19 on small and medium businesses.

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Gain free, hands on experience and explore business productivity, customer engagement or cloud desktop services. AWS offers three different types of free offers that are available depending on the product used. To start, sign up for an account now, follow the tutorials and start building in the console.