Thursday June 1, 2023 | Amsterdam

Community Lounge

The AWS Community is a space "from the community, to the community", where attendees have the chance to learn directly from members about available programs (User Groups Leader, Heroes and Community Builders). Attendees can expect to learn how they (and their company) can benefit from being a part of a dynamic community discussing all things AWS. Make sure to also keep an eye on the Keynote, as the details for the upcoming Community Day NL will be announced."

They day will start with a Women in Tech meetup, and continue with 5 sessions delivered by community folks on topics like serverless architectures, CDK, AWS Step Function or quantum computing.

Join us for a day of talks and demos, network and prizes while you learn how to continue your AWS journey together with the AWS Community in Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg)

community lounge


  • Time: 09:00- 10:00

    The session is open to all women who are interested to network and hear from other women in tech, who will share on their own experience as a woman in tech and how joining a tech community contributed to their journey.

  • Time: 10:00- 10:30

    Speakers: Irina Pushkina, Eva Noordhoek

    Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise various industries. This talk will cover the basics and successful examples of quantum computing applications. We will discuss the latest trends in quantum technology and explore its use cases for mission-critical engineering companies. Additionally, we will examine the accessibility of quantum computing through AWS Braket and share insights on experiments conducted using it.

  • Time: 13:00-13:30

    Speaker: Tim Van Laer

    CardioCare@Home is a flexible virtual care solution for remote cardiac monitoring. The main users are people with a heart condition and their cardiologist. Patients wear our sensors on their chest that measures ECG. We analyze that data and visualize the results to the cardiologist.

    In this session, I will run you through how our system is built, maintained and deployed. (Spoiler alert: it’s all serverless and managed by AWS.) As the sole developer in the team, I develop new features and maintain the system so there isn’t a lot of bandwidth for either (I do like my weekends.) You’ll find out how our setup on AWS allows us to move fast, maintain the quality, and control the cost. You will also find out a few areas for improvement for AWS.

  • Time: 14:00-14:30

    Speaker: Rob Van Pamel

    So many messaging technologies, it might blow your mind: EventBridge, AMQP, Saga’s, SQS, Amazon MQ, SNS, MassTransit, NServiceBus, Rebus, Brighter, outbox, the list goes on...

    All of them have 1 thing in common: they deliver a message!
    What are these technologies for, and how do they stack up to each other? Do you actually need any of these technologies, and if so, how do you choose which one to use? Which patterns should and shouldn’t you use with messaging? In this session, we will tackle questions like these and many more to help make sense of the chaotic world of message delivery services.

  • Time: 15:00- 15:30

    Speaker: Pubudu Jayawardana

    AWS Step Function introduced Distributed Map feature to parallel process large scale of data introducing new capabilities that in the past were only manageable through non-serverless services. Now, data processing jobs can be highly scalable and very cost effective. Find out in this session why the step function distributed map is a game changer for parallel data processing.

  • Time: 16:00- 16:30

    Speaker: Nico Krijnen

    What happens when you apply a software engineering mindset to infrastructure as code? With the rise of Cloud Development Kits, a new world is opening up. How do full-featured programming languages allow us to express the needs of our solutions? And how do you code these higher level abstractions? What can we learn from the time-tested best practices being applied to software engineering like modularity, event-driven and loosely coupled architecture, and proper encapsulation? How far can you go with refactoring your CDK code? And how do you prevent all that flexibility from producing hard-to-understand spaghetti?

  • Time: 16:30

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