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Watch Florian Hartwig, General Manager AWS Germany, and Kevin Miller, Vice President  and General Manager S3, share the latest technological innovations from AWS, and explore how the cloud is enabling customers to build, experiment, and reinvent in Germany and beyond. Listen to Flix and Siemens share their cloud journey with AWS.

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Level guide

Level 100: Foundational

Sessions are designed to give an overview or introduction to AWS services. These sessions focus on features, functions, and benefits, with content that highlights basic use cases and showcases how a service or feature can be used in your applications and how it can be integrated with other services.

Level 200: Intermediate

Sessions assume a general knowledge of the topic and provide a technical deeper dive into a service or use case. This content typically includes architecture, integration, and configuration of common use cases. Level 200 content provides tips and tricks, best practices, or high-level troubleshooting guidance.

Level 300: Advanced

Sessions assume proficiency of the topic and typically cover in-depth architecture, development, deployment and migration examples. Level 300 content drills into how a service can be used and dives deep into customer use cases. Level 300 content covers complex design, development, and deployment best practices that address the needs of experienced AWS users.

Level 400: Expert

Sessions are for advanced or expert AWS customers. These sessions are geared toward super-skilled users who want to learn the deep inner workings of AWS services. Level 400 content demonstrates complex design, development, and deployment strategies and offers Q&A for the audience to dive deep into the topic.

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