Florian Hartwig

Florian Hartwig, Head of Enterprise, AWS Germany
Former roles

Head of Enterprise, AWS
Enterprise Sales Leader, AWS
Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, Stanford University
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Cass Business School
Diploma (BA) Economics, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim

“Large corporations in Germany are under an increasing amount of pressure to match the pace of its start-up ecosystem and extract the value of data. Succeed, and they have the chance to thrive amongst an ultra-competitive and ever-evolving market. Fail, and they risk falling into the shadows of the start-up disruption.”

Florian Hartwig was appointed Head of Enterprise, AWS Germany in December 2018 and is driven by a mission to use the innovative nature of AWS Cloud technology to bring agility and versatility to organizations within the Enterprise and Upper Mittelstand across Germany.

Utilising his more than 15 years experience in the technology industry, Florian has honed his technique of partnering with businesses to create real business value, share best practices and perspectives in how to better operate organizationally, and function more effectively across business and IT as a collective.

Germany’s start-up ecosystem runs on a digital first and data-driven philosophy. That’s why these organizations are agile by nature – whether it’s constantly tailoring their services to their customers’ needs or bringing their services to market even faster than their larger and more established competitors. Because of this, Florian emphasizes it is essential for large businesses in Germany to acknowledge the importance of laying the foundation for a strong data strategy and placing data front and center if they are to become modern, digital-first, agile enterprises. However, one of the biggest challenges standing between large corporations and this transformation is how IT is seen within the organisation. As he argues in his article detailing the journey of ‘Becoming a data-driven organization’, successful IT teams have a dual role and responsibility of keeping the lights on and driving innovation through technology, and this challenge can only be overcome through greater business integration and focusing on business outcomes rather than IT projects.

Florian has developed this understanding of the transformative power of technology through more than 15 years of working in technology for market leading providers including Compaq Computer Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and DXC Technology.

He says: “Innovation or, to be precise, the topic of culture of innovation is one of the main issues for enterprises in their IT imperatives that separate the businesses of today from businesses of tomorrow.” Florian helps German enterprises achieve this by harnessing AWS’s own experience in customer-oriented innovation to:

  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement and re-prioritization
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Build teams that span business and technology
  • Reduce lead time from idea to implementation

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