Accelerating transformation with a culture of innovation

Now, more than ever, innovation is vital to creating and maintaining differentiation. Learn how industry leaders sustain continual innovation that grows their business and delivers differentiated customer experiences.

From Analog to Digital: Elevating Emotional Well-being with Cloud Innovation
How do you scale your business from an in-person analog model to potentially impacting millions of lives? Hear from Matt Kaplan, CEO, and Eric Rice, Chief Creative Officer of The PeaceLove Foundation, as they share how they made the leap to digital products in service of their mission to improve mental wellbeing through creativity and storytelling.
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Fostering a culture of innovation

Customer expectations are higher than ever. How can organizations keep up with the pace of change? Take a deep dive into Amazon’s unique culture of innovation that helps us meet changing customer demands, rapidly experiment, and respond to market opportunities and disruptions.

Elements of Amazon's Day 1 Culture
Article | 7 min read
Elements of Amazon’s Day 1 Culture
Putting "Day 1" into practice relies on maintaining a long-term focus, obsessing over customers, and bold innovation.
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Werner Vogels' Tech Predictions for 2024 and Beyond
Werner Vogels' Tech Predictions for 2024 and Beyond
Uncover the four technologies and trends that will converge to help solve some of the hardest human problems.
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Product Management at Amazon
People: The Human Side of Innovation at Amazon
Learn about Amazon's unique approach to talent management, from the employee experience flywheel, to the philosophy behind hiring “builders."
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Technology is a really important enabler of innovation. But it is the culture, it is the people that make it happen.”

- Barbara Salami, Vice President of Digital, Moderna

How leading organizations are driving innovation

Innovation depends on deeply understanding your customers, and enabling anyone with a great idea to test that idea quickly and easily. These companies demonstrate what's possible when you give innovators the right tool for the job, lower the time and cost of experimentation, and make exciting new technologies accessible to everyone.

Inventing the Future of Transportation: How Iveco Group is Driving Transformation
Hear Fabrizio Conicella, Iveco Group Head of Digital and Advanced Technology, share how this global automotive leader and AWS aligned around key principles and processes to develop groundbreaking services in the vehicle industry.
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How McGraw Hill’s Innovation is Transforming the Way Students Learn
Get a behind-the-scenes view of how McGraw Hill’s multi-year innovation journey helped them grow their digital billings by 20% in their 2023 fiscal year, serve today's college students with their application, Sharpen, and positions them to boldly respond to their customers’ future needs.
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How Iridium Navigates Global Leadership Challenges
Join Manjula Sriram, Chief Information Officer at Iridium, in conversation with Tom Soderstrom, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, about embracing mistakes, fostering experimentation, and the evolving landscape of technology in the space industry, including AI and IoT.
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Bypassing Bureaucracy to Innovate Through Digital Transformation
Join Cheow Hoe Chan, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer of Singapore, as he shares how he has driven digital transformation across the Singaporean government over the past decade.
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Emotional Intelligence: The Secret Ingredient to Innovation

Innovation, by definition, requires change, and that often stirs up a host of unexpected emotions. In this ebook, AWS Worldwide Head of EPIC Leadership and Founder of EQ at Amazon, Rich Hua, outlines the vital role emotions play in your workforce's ability to innovate, and how developing your own emotional intelligence at work can foster an increasingly innovative culture in your organization.

Successful innovation strategies

Today’s enterprise organizations need to innovate more, and innovate faster. Learn how leaders are enabling their teams to identify transformation opportunities, make high-velocity decisions, and encourage bold experimentation. By fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging a relentless customer focus, leaders are enabling their teams to imagine, build, and iterate faster and more efficiently.

BBC Moving Fast
Moving Fast and Scaling Faster: How Media and Entertainment Used the Cloud to Meet Unprecedented Demand
Learn how AWS is partnering with customers to transform and unlock new digital frontiers.
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Using Customer Obsession to Drive Rapid Innovation
Using Customer Obsession to Drive Rapid Innovation
Learn four ways leaders can make customer obsession a cornerstone of their innovation strategy.
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Technology Innovation Fuels Hope for Energy Transition
Technology Innovation Fuels Hope for Energy Transition
The cloud helps companies reimagine energy production and use.
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Innovating to Thrive in Uncertainty
Innovating to Thrive in Uncertainty
How organizations are leveraging the cloud to increase efficiency and drive experimentation.
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Read the GE Healthcare case study
Case Study
GE Healthcare
Connecting clinicians with insights to improve healthcare outcomes
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The Coca-Cola Company on AWS
Increasing analytics productivity for more data-driven decision making
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Read the Bayer case study
Case Study
Delivering better visibility for healthier crops through IoT
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