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CloudCheckr provides a unified cost and security management platform for cost management, AWS inventory, continuous security and compliance auditing across your AWS investment.

CloudCheckr is designed to help the most discerning IT, Security and Finance leaders to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and mitigate security risks. CloudCheckr provides comprehensive visibility into a user’s cloud environment including billing details, resources, multi-accounts, services, configurations, logs, permissions, changes and more. CloudChecker then analyzes that data to intelligently optimize your cloud environment on AWS.

CloudCheckr makes it fast and easy to create a high performing cloud with unified visibility and context across virtually any data source, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon VPC, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail and more.


  • AWS Cost Management: CloudCheckr is a leading provider of cost allocation, spend optimization, and resource utilization solutions. CloudCheckr also makes purchase and Reserved Instance recommendations for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon ElastiCache reserved nodes, making it easy to right-size your AWS environment dynamically. Build custom budget alerts, set up automated billing reports, and examine granular details of your AWS spend.
  • Continuous AWS Monitoring: CloudCheckr's continuous monitoring across your AWS environment provides the critical security, audit, and visibility tools to help fulfill HIPAA, PCI, FISMA Moderate, and other major compliance frameworks. Organizations are able to effectively monitor resources, locations, users and history, plus demonstrate compliance with a full audit trail
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AWS Cost and Security Management with CloudCheckr AWS Cost and Security Management with CloudCheckr AWS Cost and Security Management with CloudCheckr
  • AWS Security: CloudCheckr helps you fulfill your shared security responsibilities through best-in-class AWS CloudTrail support, security group and permission mapping, perimeter assessments, complete audit logs, and over 350 prepackaged security checks and alerts. CloudCheckr allows AWS users to quickly and efficiently harness information they need to meet all of their security requirements.

“CloudCheckr has been fantastic in making sure that our development and production resources on AWS are optimized. It’s helped us enforce our business rules on spinning up development instances and right size our production instances."

- Justin Lipton CTO, Exar

“CloudCheckr helps Vimeo keep its costs under control and is a valuable part of our AWS strategy! It's something that both devs and finance can use and understand and it's been really helpful tracking down efficiency issues.”

Peter McArthur Director Backend Engineering, Vimeo


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