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While crafting hybrid cloud architectures, companies often seek to leverage the flexibility and efficiency of AWS. By design, hybrid solutions have data residing both on-premises and on the cloud, which complicates data management. NetApp ONTAP Cloud is a data management solution that provides protection, visibility and control for your cloud-based workloads in a hybrid cloud environment.


Join NetApp and AWS for a webinar that will explore how EidosMedia, a global media company, leveraged ONTAP Cloud to establish a common data platform for its on-premises and cloud environments.

Webinar Topic: How EidosMedia Provides Over 30,000 Customers Worldwide with 24/7 Access to Data with NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS

You will learn:

  • How to create dev/test and production environments in minutes
  • How to simplify hybrid cloud data management
  • How to implement and leverage cost reduction methodologies, such as deduplication and compression
  • How ONTAP Cloud’s new tiering features optimize storage consumption, saving time and money

When? July 26, 2017 | 10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT

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NetApp addresses hybrid cloud’s biggest data management challenges

  • DevOps. NetApp ONTAP Cloud makes it easy to implement and/or enhance DevOps practices in your AWS environment by reducing the cost and time of application development and testing. The ability to automate operational processes streamlines application deployment, configuration, and management.
  • Disaster Recovery. A key component of your disaster recovery solution, NetApp ONTAP Cloud enables you to efficiently replicate data to AWS and between AWS Regions. This means you can quickly recover data in case of an outage and frequently test your disaster recovery scenarios without affecting critical business applications.
  • Enterprise Application Migration. NetApp ONTAP Cloud provides greater control and efficiency for running hybrid cloud applications across on-premises and AWS. This makes your enterprise storage service more powerful with the capabilities of your on-premises solution.
  • Highly Available Storage. NetApp ONTAP Cloud minimizes disruption caused by down-time by simultaneously writing data to two storage environments. If one of your storage environments experiences downtime, the other becomes the primary environment until issues are resolved.





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Introducing NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS
Introducing NetApp CloudONTAP for AWS

"Using NetApp data management technology has led to an 85% reduction in production data over three years. In budget terms, that’s savings of seven figures."

Iain Rouse, R&D Group Director - Cloud, TechnologyOne

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  • Single pane of glass data management with OnCommand Cloud Manager.
  • Accelerate application development lifecycle.
  • Reduced storage footprint.
  • Simplified data replication.
  • Flexible, on-demand pricing in AWS Marketplace.

NetApp ONTAP data management software is a critical piece of NetApp’s underlying Data Fabric. NetApp’s Data Fabric encompasses its entire product suite and is designed to maximize operational efficiency, protect critical data, and accelerate business outcomes.

Read this solution brief to learn more about NetApp’s Data Fabric.



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