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You adopt AWS for better customer experiences. New Relic helps make sure you get them with full stack monitoring across your AWS services. When a problem arises for your users, is it your application code or the cloud service? New Relic lets you know.

AWS delivers...

Service availability and performance

Data center provisioning and operation

Isolation and security of resources

Service maintenance

Reporting and billing

...but you still have to manage:

Application code

3rd party service integrations

App configuration and architecture

On-premise components

Customer experience

Business results


Prove out your progress with real-time data in a constantly changing application environment. Every step of the way, see exactly what’s happening and where.

  • Build new apps, migrate them, and manage hybrid architectures with precise end-to-end performance analytics
  • Monitor your apps whether they’re in AWS or a private cloud — even if they’re on-premise
  • Get immediate performance insights, so you can refine and validate migration success
  • Optimize, iterate, and develop new apps to drive your business


"New Relic helps the organization collect data across the entire ecosystem that allows us to understand how we're doing and how we can make it better. You can’t make something super high quality until you can measure it, and if you can’t measure it, how do you know it’s super high quality?" 


Joe Inzerillo Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MLBAM

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