Manage a comprehensive data privacy and compliance program from a central, easy-to-use platform

WireWheel solution can be rapidly deployed on AWS

WireWheel helps companies comply with EU GDPR and CCPA privacy regulations. A central hub for privacy management operations, WireWheel improves collaboration throughout the data supply chain, so companies can be responsible data stewards.

The solution supports all phases of a privacy management and compliance program, including data classification, reporting, and communication with customers. IT, security, and privacy teams understand what personal data they have, where that data is stored and computed, and which third parties they would contact if downstream deletion were required. As a result, companies accelerate privacy compliance, build trust with customers, and accelerate sales.

WireWheel has achieved AWS Security Competency.

Key features

WireWheel surfaces and organizes information in a way that empowers IT, security, and privacy teams to make decisions. WireWheel simplifies privacy management into key actions companies must take to build trust with customers and meet regulators’ requirements:

  1. Fulfill Subject Rights Requests (SRR) accurately and efficiently.
  2. Discover and classify data with direct integrations to cloud infrastructure for continuous updates.
  3. Map data flows to see where data is stored, processed, and shared.
  4. Implement privacy-by-design practices for product development and vendor management.
  5. Document data privacy operations to demonstrate compliance (privacy threshold, privacy impact, and data protection impact assessments)
  6. Build a customer request portal or a vendor assessment portal and publish it with no need for development resources.
Wirewheel solution

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