Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS) is the first payments service designed from the ground up for developers. It is built on top of Amazon’s reliable and scalable payments infrastructure and provides developers with a convenient way to charge Amazon’s tens of millions of customers (with their permission, of course!). Amazon customers can pay using the same login credentials, shipping address and payment information they already have on file with Amazon.

With Amazon FPS, developers can accept payments on their website for selling goods or services, raise donations, execute recurring payments, and send payments.

Amazon FPS offers developers unmatched flexibility in how they can structure payment instructions, including standing instructions that can remain in place for multiple transactions. These instructions impose conditions and constraints on money movements and can be set by both senders and receivers of funds. For example, a sender might set a spending limit per week for a particular named recipient. Only that named recipient would be able to withdraw funds and only up to an amount per week equal to the spending limit.

Amazon FPS offers easy-to-integrate, lightweight APIs that are categorized by use cases into interoperable packages called Quick Starts. With enhanced documentation, SDKs and sample code, it will now be faster and more convenient to enable payments on your application.

Amazon FPS enables tens of millions of existing Amazon customers to transact online with little friction, simply using the same accounts and payment methods that they use for purchases on – without having to re-enter information.

Amazon’s trusted payment experience, A-to-z Guarantee, and the ease with which tens of millions of Amazon customers can pay on a website will help optimize conversion on the website.

Amazon FPS takes a traditionally limited and inflexible payments process and allows developers to expose individual payment conditions that enable payments to be processed in virtually any imaginable way. This ultimately results in a better end-user experience, as well as innovative new business models. Amazon FPS uses a feature called Payment Instructions to provide this flexibility to developers.

Every FPS transaction has a sender (party making payments), a recipient (party receiving payments), and a caller (party making the API calls to Amazon FPS). Callers are the same as recipients if the developer is the party receiving funds. Each party to a transaction might want the flexibility to place conditions or rules around that transaction referred to as Payment Instructions. Examples of possible Payment Instructions include:

  • Transaction Amount: Specify minimum, maximum, range, or specific amount for a certain payment.
  • Transaction Date: Configure a payment transaction to be executed at a specific time (e.g. specific day, weekly, monthly, or date range).
  • Spending Limit: Set daily, weekly or monthly limits on the number of transactions or total amount spent, to control spending on your application.
  • Recipient List: Specify recipients who are authorized to access and receive funds.
  • Payment Method: Specify the payment methods (credit card, bank account debit, balance transfer) you want to accept through your application.
  • Fees: Control which party pays the Amazon FPS transaction fees.

Amazon FPS passes on to you the benefits of lower processing costs on bank account debits and Amazon Payments balance transfers. Amazon FPS charges less when the actual cost to process a payment is lower, rather than charging the same fixed fee for all payment methods. There is no up-front investment or monthly payment for running an application using the service. In addition, you can build and test an application for free using the Amazon FPS sandbox.

Amazon FPS leverages Amazon’s proven fraud detection capabilities, chargeback controls, and risk management processes to reduce bad debt.

Amazon has spent over a decade developing, testing, and operating a reliable, scalable and secure payments infrastructure to support millions of daily transactions. Amazon FPS exposes this robust infrastructure to you and your customers.

Consumers can use information from their account to complete payments on a website without having to re-enter their shipping address or payment information.

The secure and trusted payment experience consumers enjoy on is now available on your website.

Consumers will feel more confident purchasing, knowing that they have the same protection under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee that they have when they shop on