AWS Executive Insights: Spain

With digitisation becoming increasingly important to Spanish enterprises innovating to achieve competitive differentiation, Spanish leaders are sharing their experiences, best practices and transformative ideas for how they are partnering with AWS to digitally transform their organizations and deliver new forms of customer value.

Global IT Vice President
Christian Palomino, Meliá Hotels International

Christian describes the digital transformation journey of Meliá Hotels and the importance that agility and innovation have had in improving customer experience.

What are Your Cloud Transformation Principles? (Spain Edition)
Ebook (Spain Edition)
What are Your Cloud Transformation Principles?
Taking time now will save you incalculable time later
Miguel Alava

Managing Director, AWS, Iberia

According to research by Gartner, Spanish and Portuguese CIOs have a problem. Compared with their peers in Europe and around the world, they are seriously lagging behind in their efforts to evolve into business leaders, able to direct digital transformation from the front.

Why does that matter? Because it can put too much responsibility onto non-technical executives and can reduce senior CIOs to infrastructure and operations support roles. A waste of talent, experience and opportunity.

Added to this, endemic resistance to change, fear of failure and hierarchical cultures...

Miguel Alava, Managing Director, AWS, Iberia
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Quint and Amazon Web Services
Realizing the Value of Cloud Sourcing

This report co-authored by Quint Group and AWS examines the criticality of clear cloud sourcing strategies in delivering true digital transformation, regardless of whether your business strategy focuses on optimisation or growth.

Mattia Gamberoni

Head of Enterprise in Spain and Iberia

Designing and executing a robust data strategy is no longer optional for businesses. In my 15 years in enterprise technology, I have seen large companies experimenting with a diverse set of approaches to becoming a data-driven company.

Spanish customers of ours who are doing this well include A3Media, BBVA, Bankia, CEPSA, Santander OpenBank and Vueling. History is yet to show us which of the strategies is strongest, and of course, the needs of every business are different, but there are strong successes and learnings to draw from...

Mattia Gamberoni, Head of Enterprise in Spain and Iberia
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Becoming a Data-driven Organization (Spain Edition)
Ebook (Spain Edition)
Becoming a Data-driven Organization
Common data dysfunctions and how you can address them
Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills (Spain Edition)
Ebook (Spain Edition)
Staying Competitive by Investing in Cloud Skills
Cloud skills may be the most important investment you make
Miguel Alava

Managing Director, AWS, Iberia

Most companies are ambitious, and every company has a unique set of challenges. But we see a common theme amongst many of the Spanish companies we work with. A sense that the lack of digital skills in their organisation is preventing them from moving forward. This feeling is backed up by Gartner, who says that one-third of companies in Iberia have poor digital maturity, which is causing a talent gap between the business and their IT.

At AWS, we are working with hundreds of Spanish companies to close this gap and help their customers achieve their greatest ambitions...

Miguel Alava, Managing Director, AWS, Iberia
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