Get started with AWS HealthLake

Step 01

Set up and log in to your AWS account, and navigate to the AWS HealthLake console.

Step 02

Start by typing in the name of the Data Store you want to create. Then import your data, by selecting your Data Store, navigating to an Amazon S3 bucket, choosing your IAM permission role, and clicking "Import data". We also give you the option to test the service with preloaded test data at the time you create your Data Store.

Step 03

AWS HealthLake supports FHIR Query Operations including Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Search. You can Search across all your normalized health data using common medical terms. Note: We have also included the extension of unstructured text fields, so that you can search the newly structured data.

Step 04

Create interactive dashboards using Amazon QuickSight or build new ML models with Amazon SageMaker.


Amazon EC2

AWS HealthLake Workshop

AWS HealthLake Workshop This workshop walks you through the process of creating an AWS HealthLake Data Store, importing synthetic data into it, exporting data, and generating a QuickSight Dashboard.

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