AWS Managed Services Features



AWS Managed Services enables you to quickly and easily deploy your cloud infrastructure, and simplifies the on-demand provisioning of commonly used pre-defined cloud stacks. With an infrastructure designed to meet your application needs, AWS Managed Services’ automation and integration with your existing ITSM service catalog allows you to quickly stand up applications in either test or production environments through a self-service portal.


Monitoring and Event Management

With AWS Managed Services, your Managed Environment is configured for logging and alerts based on best practices to ensure security and system health. AWS Managed Services monitors, correlates and investigates alerts to detect and resolve incidents proactively. AWS Managed Services aggregates and stores all operational logs, and customers have full access to CloudWatch and CloudTrail for full transparency.

Patch and Continuity Management

AWS Managed Services takes care of all of your patching and backup activities to help keep your resources current and secure. When updates or patches are released by OS vendors, AWS Managed Services applies them in a timely and consistent manner to minimize the impact on your business. Critical security patches are applied immediately, while others are applied based on the patch schedule you request. Backups of Stacks are automated using Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and RDS snapshots, and can be restored in the event of a failure or outage, ensuring business continuity.



AWS Managed Services is hosted in multiple regions world-wide. Each region is a separate geographic area. All components of the AMS service are deployed, validated and operationalized within a region, supporting customers who require full support solely out of one region and supporting their region redundancy plan requirements. AMS offers service commitments for the key aspects of the service, ensuring that you receive a high level of operational service for your AWS infrastructure.

Security and Access Management

AWS Managed Services protects your information assets and helps keep your AWS infrastructure secure. With anti-malware protection, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention systems, AWS Managed Services manages security policies and is able to quickly recognize and respond to any intrusion. By configuring default AWS security capabilities and best practices, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and EC2 security groups, AWS Managed Services removes the complexity of managing multiple authentication mechanisms, enabling you to use your corporate credentials to access your AWS resources.



AWS Managed Services offers a secure Landing Zone, step-by-step process for extending your security and identity perimeter to the cloud, and provides features which help you meet various compliance program requirements (HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC, NIST, ISO, PCI, FedRAMP). Our rigor and controls help to enforce your corporate and security infrastructure policies, and enable you to develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach.

Change Management

AWS Managed Services provides secure and efficient means to make controlled changes to your infrastructure to ensure compliance. Changes are approved and automated through our approval engine, and can be scheduled via self-service. Whether you want to deploy a new EC2 stack, or change your RDS database configuration settings, AWS Managed Services enables you to quickly and easily make the request through a dedicated self-service console.

Incident Management

AWS Managed Services monitors the overall health of your infrastructure resources, and handles the daily activities of investigating and resolving incidents. For example, in the event of an EC2 instance failure, AWS Managed Services recognizes the failure and automatically launches another instance, and takes appropriate action to minimize and avoid service interruption.


Your personal Cloud Service Delivery Manager will provide a monthly summary of key performance metrics, including operational activities, events and their respective impact, as well as recommendations to optimize platform usage and optimize cost so that you get the most out of your AWS investment.

24 x 7 Service Desk

AWS Managed Services brings cloud engineering expertise to your team with a fully staffed service desk available to answer questions, resolve incidents and perform and manage complex change requests. Full time Amazon employees are available 24x7 365 days a year to augment and empower your team to accelerate your cloud operations.

Enterprise Support

AWS Managed Services includes access to Enterprise Support, a concierge-like service providing 24x7 technical support from high-quality engineers, tools, and technology to automatically manage the health of your environment. Enterprise Support also provides consultative architectural guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases.