AWS Device Qualification Program

Qualify hardware with AWS to deliver solutions from edge to outcome

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The AWS Device Qualification Program helps AWS Partners qualify devices that work with AWS. This helps customers to gain confidence, choice, and selection for hardware that meets their needs. You can qualify a wide variety of devices, such as development kits and embedded systems, for customers looking to build new devices, or off-the-shelf-devices for buyers such as cameras, edge servers, gateways, industrial PCs, PLCs, or thin clients. All qualified devices are listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog to enable customers to quickly find hardware that works with AWS.

Qualified devices are also eligible to be included in use-case-focused solutions that help simplify the complexity of IoT for customers, ranging from accelerators to end-to-end solutions. The AWS IoT Solutions repository publishes solutions offered by AWS Partners to accelerate solution deployment and drive business outcome. It also provides go-to-market opportunities with other AWS IoT Partners and AWS by delivering solutions that simplify IoT complexity for customers. Get started »

Increase visibility

Promote your devices to customers, AWS Sellers, and AWS Partners through listing of qualified devices in the AWS Partner Device Catalog. Earn a ‘Qualified hardware' badge to demonstrate your AWS expertise to customers.

Gain go-to-market support

Take advantage of marketing and funding opportunities to promote your devices that work with AWS. Engage with AWS teams and the partner community, and offer customers use-case-focused, edge-to-outcome solution builds and delivery.

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Discover qualified hardware that works with AWS

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AWS Device Qualifications

You can qualify your devices for the specified AWS services listed below.

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN

AWS IoT Greengrass


Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS Private 5G

Partner Resources

Simplify IoT complexity and design for scalability

Learn how AWS IoT and our partners empower customers to achieve key business objectives at any stage of their IoT-enabled digital transformation journey.

AWS IoT Solution Repository

Quickly start building with solutions for industrial, consumer, and commercial use cases.

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Program FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the AWS Device Qualification Program.