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Hundreds of thousands of customers across industries turn to AWS purpose-built databases to power their most important applications.

From emerging start-ups to large enterprises, customers across industries turn to AWS databases to power their mission critical applications

With 15 purpose-built databases to choose from, customers can select the right database for the right job. Customers rely on AWS-managed databases so their builders can leave administrative tasks behind and spend their time innovating and developing applications that delight users and get results. 


Intuit Mint reduced costs by 25% by migrating from an on-premises database solution to Amazon RDS for MySQL

Intuit needed a scalable, secure, and reliable service to help the company deliver better products and services to its global customers. AWS allows the company to scale better, while developers have broader access to tools that help them quickly build global-ready, cloud-ready services.

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"Amazon DocumentDB integrates deeply with AWS services and has the potential to provide us with a robust, highly scalable, and cost effective database service. With Amazon DocumentDB, our developers will be able to move faster and focus more on innovating on behalf of our customers versus managing a database."

Sunjay Pandey
Vice President - Capitol One 


How Autodesk increased database scalability and reduced lag (3:23)
Amdocs accelerates digital transformation by moving RevenueOne to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL (1:14)'s consumer business turned off it's final Oracle database (1:01)
Duolingo stores 31 billion items on Amazon DynamoDB and uses AWS to deliver language lessons (6:02)

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AWS provides the broadest selection of purpose-built databases allowing you to save, grow, and innovate faster.

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