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Accenture Analytics, part of Accenture Digital, delivers insight-driven outcomes at scale to help organizations improve their performance.

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Apps Associates

Apps Associates’ Cloud Services Practice includes service offerings in Application & Database Migration and Application Modernization. These services are an extension of the firm’s consulting service portfolio and competencies in enterprise applications, database and application custom development. Aurora, as well as AWS database services in general, is integral to the business plan and growth strategy of Apps Associates and our Cloud Services practice as a foundation to support the Business Transformation initiatives and evolution of our clients. Current and forecasted market demand for open source databases is expected to increase and is viewed as a critical part of our ‘go-to-market’ strategy for migration and modernization services.

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Load all your data into Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Blendo is an ETL as a service platform on steroids, that helps companies integrate and load data seamlessly from multiple SaaS tools into their Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL in minutes. With Blendo, you can build data pipelines and support your team of analysts or build your Analytics or BI stack in minutes.

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We have migrated to AWS RDS PostgresSQL from PostgresSQL EC2 and from DB servers in external data centers. We have also deployed new workloads on AWS RDS PostgresSQL. Also we have DBAs that specialize in PostgresSQL replication, tuning and optimizations.

An AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 5 competencies (Migration, Big Data, DevOps, Marketing & Commerce and Mobile) and multiple certifications and accreditations, ClearScale has the proven capability to build, deploy, automate, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Our core competency is delivering custom cloud projects and services for clients who have limited cloud experience in-house or need additional resources. We leverage the best cloud technologies available to provide a solution that is unique to your project requirements.

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Migrate your data from any source using AWS DMS and Cloudly's CDM platform -- together handling the most laborious and complex tasks.

We offer a unique blend of the DMS and CDM tools that automate majority of data conversions and transformations for AWS RDS, Aurora, RedShift and DynamoDB

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We provide a technology neutral sandboxed environment on AWS cloud. Working with our clients’ project goals, our data scientists then develop a prototype and quickly and continuously refine it in an agile fashion to deliver a proof of concept.

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A critical component of Datapipe’s Database Services for AWS, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL where Datapipe facilitates deploying, operating and scaling this database on the AWS cloud. The AWS RDS system provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity and database management tasks. Datapipe Solution Architects and the Database Management team help design and manage databases deployed in this manner for clients with a best practice approach in terms of security, architecture and read/write requirements.

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OpenSCG is the leading PostgreSQL migration services firm. We help customers plan and execute a migration to escape from expensive commercial databases and re-architect data platforms to take advantage of AWS cloud services. OpenSCG's migration services are unique because we do not only focus on one aspect of the migration but instead have the expertise to migrate the application, database and infrastructure of the complete system. The OpenSCG team has helped hundreds of customers migrate from proprietary databases to open source data platforms, with millions of dollars in license savings.

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Stelligent has implemented many client projects using Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. Our core business is showing our customers how to take advantage of AWS services, but there is usually some hesitancy for customers that are new to using the cloud. RDS acts as a ‘gateway service’, allowing our customers to get up and running with enterprise grade database services, including backups and automated server maintenance, in a manner of hours instead of a matter of months.

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TriNimbus helps companies migrate workloads to AWS or improve the availability, scalability and performance of their application stack as their data and user base grows. We are very comfortable with the AWS platform and help customers take advantage of the layers above IaaS, like RDS, which drastically reduces the operational effort and automates many of the database related tasks like backup/restore.

RDS PostgreSQL is of strategic importance to us and our customers as it allows us to further improve the availability, scalability and performance of the SQL database layer while bringing the infrastructure cost down. We have strong experience in migrating large SQL databases to RDS. Our customers trust us to treat their systems and data with care during migrations, create reliable and repeatable automation to handle the migration process and provide expert advice as they adjust to the change.

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Asia Pacific Partners


Ajilon's experience in delivering critical business and government projects is well known in Australia; our talented team understand the customer requirements from the top down, and with AWS we leverage the cloud to help deliver effective solutions.

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TO THE NEW has deep expertise in managing relational & NoSQL databases in different tech. stacks including MySQL, SQL Server, AWS Aurora, PostgreSQL and MongoDB to name a few. They have done various projects around PostgreSQL implementations which include schema & infrastructure design, performance optimizations & complex master-slave & sharded database setups. 

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PostgreSQL is a stronger choice, for many, because it offers one of the most mature, SQL-compliant, scalable and efficient open source relational database management systems.


Minjar is a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS and offers a comprehensive portfolios of offerings including Managed Cloud, Cloud Migration and our advisory offering – Smart Assist.

As part of each offering, database solutions form an integral part and we are engaged with our customers through Architecture advisory, technical design, implementation and migration and ongoing managed services / optimization of database environments. As part of these activities, Minjar teams help support PostgreSQK on EC2 as well as RDS deployments for our customers.

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PowerUp Cloud

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL is one of the common database deployments we run into, keeping in mind PostgreSQL's popularity. We currently manage multiple environments on AWS for customers who use RDS PostgreSQL. The ease of getting started and ability to do point-in-time restorations with minimal effort is one of the reasons we suggest our clients to use RDS and those who build applications on Ruby stack are likely to choose RDS - Postgres.

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High Performance and cost optimized Database. Saltware provide consulting and managed service for Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

Financial Customer adopted the Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL and used it's security function for data encryption. With the multi AZ option, customer's service availability is higher than on-premise environment.

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UberFusion's Cloud Workload Migration services assists clients in simplifying and accelerating their journey to the cloud, through all phases of assessment, planning, architecture strategy and design, deployment, testing and cutover of their applications and workloads.
This is done in conjunction with alignment of the client's business needs and IT strategy, followed by future roadmap planning and continuous engagement.

Leveraging on over 15+ years of experience in building, developing and managing critical infrastructure and enterprise applications & services.

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa Partners


As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we don’t just deliver strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation, but invest heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers. We operate using an innovative competency based offering, covering Cloud Data Centre, Application Innovation, e-Commerce, Digital Estates, Data Analytics, Cloud Adoption and Cloud Service Line.

Cloudreach has delivered a number of projects to customers in North America and Europe, many of these projects uses PostgreSQL RDS as a database. We also use RDS for Postgresql internally as the core database for the billing of all our AWS channel reseller customers.

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Delivery of high quality, bespoke Big Data solutions, providing skills and services across the breadth of AWS Big Data technologies. Our Big Data platforms are born in the Cloud, built upon years of AWS expertise, best practice and a track record of delivering secure and robust Cloud solutions.

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Nine Internet Solutions AG

With the wide range of services, multitude of detailed functionalities and unlimited scaling options offered by Amazon Web Services, management of the individual components requires time and up-to- date expertise.

As an APN Standard Consulting Partner, Nine Internet Solutions actively maintains the relationship with the AWS ecosystem and can scale the necessary resources according to your setup und requirements. Our AWS Certified Solution Architects know AWS in all its facets and can configure instances that are right for you.

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As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting and audited AWS Managed Services Partner we offer Consulting and Managed Services for RDS PostgreSQL Environments.

tecRacer has delivered a number of projects to customers in Europe, many of these projects uses PostgreSQL RDS as a database.

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Japan Partners


We help customers with migration from On-premise, to RDS for PostgreSQL, including using the AWS Database Migration Service.

Our value is in providing customers with high availability configurations at low cost, quickly. We can also provide services to assist customers with higher availability environments, including multiple AZ configuration, and TCO oriented environment with daily backup and operations.

Fusic Co., Ltd.

We are using PostgreSQL in the main and proud of using it on the system development, so we chose it for many development projects. We could save our cost because we change some works that are creating, operating and maintenance of the database to RDS that have full managed service. Also, we could concentrate to create system and to work for other maintenance works by using RDS. Therefore we could give our costumers better service.

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Latin America Partners


As a AWS Managed Service Provider, we support database services for our customers. Many of them leverage PostgreSQL on various projects. RDS PostgreSQL helps us a lot when we need to launch databases on AWS.

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Nazar is an Application Database Performance Monitoring (ADPM) tool that was specially designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming task of database applications tuning allowing Developers and IT Operations to have a global view of their application’s performance in order to easily identify the root of the performance problem and to reduce their database infrastructure costs.

Our solution is compatible with all RDS Databases ( PosstgresSQL, MySql, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, Oracle and SQL Server). Our production database isa a db.m3.large RDS PostgreSQL instance were we have implemented a sharding solution to process and store about 150MM log file lines a day.
Nazar monitors PostreSQL slow queries logs. The integration is made through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) using a custom policy with "rds:DescribeDBLogFiles" and “rds:Download*” permissions.

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