Supercharge the supply and demand cycle to maximize profit

Demand AI presents a game-changing opportunity for merchandisers and traders. It helps enhance their day-to-day roles, blending creativity with science to supercharge a retail business’s merchandising, buying, and planning processes.

Too often, merchandising teams will find themselves entrenched in legacy processes and disparate business systems, spending too long number-crunching in spreadsheets rather than focusing on creative strategy.

By leveraging data from across a retailer’s entire value chain—including website analytics, search, and behavioral data previously not surfaced to merchandisers—AI can be utilized to grow sales and increase profits through a holistic view of demand per SKU, intelligent predictions, and smart optimizations. Demand AI helps teams plan for profit, enabling retailers to make smarter buying decisions, optimize stock, and execute the perfect pricing strategy.


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Optimize buying and rebuying

Have the stock needed to meet demand while avoiding stockout periods and reducing excess stock.

Allocate stock intelligently

AI powers intelligent stock replenishment across stores and online to maximize sell-through rates.

Protect your margin

Maximize sales and protect your margin; use AI to optimize product price, markdowns, and promotion.

  • How it works
  • Demand AI makes it possible to predict demand in granular detail, at scale. It then enables any business to act on the demand signals to efficiently manage stock and pricing—leading to increased profits and efficient use of capital. Crucially, Demand AI and the actions it generates can support and empower merchandising teams, giving them more time to focus on the creative aspects of their role and less time number-crunching in spreadsheets.

    Peak’s team of data scientists and AI experts will handle the unification of data from across your existing business systems, providing a holistic view of all of your data sources. For Demand AI, these could be your ERP, POS, finance, or warehouse management systems, as examples.

    This clearer, holistic view is known as the Predictive Demand View. It unifies all of your product and demand data, before automatically generating thousands of AI-driven predictions that automatically classify products and forecast future demand. From here, further AI solutions can be applied across your datasets in order to optimize business actions in buying, allocation, and pricing.

    The customizable solution can be configured to meet your business’s needs, with outputs available to view in custom apps or integrated directly back into your existing systems.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Opportunity identification

    Peak will understand your business objectives and help you identify and prioritize your AI opportunity.

    2) Data analysis

    Leveraging a sample of your data, Peak's team of AI consultants can build an evidence-based case for AI.

    3) Business case

    Working closely with you, Peak agrees on the exact scope and pricing to build a business case for sign-off.

    4) Kick-off

    Agree to kick-off date, meet onboarding team, prepare to operationalize AI.

    5) Onboarding

    Peak’s team helps you to configure the AI system and solutions to your individual business needs.

    6) Live service

    Peak's customer success managers will ensure the system becomes fully operational and delivers results.

  • Customer contribution
  • Leveraging your data

    You will need to provide Peak with access to data to help quantify the opportunity.

    Agreeing to the scope

    Peak will work closely with your team to build a specific business case for your sign-off.

    Project kick-off

    Peak will arrange a project kick-off session, attended by your team.

  • About this consultant
  • Peak is a pioneering artificial intelligence company that helps businesses grow and become more profitable using data, AI, and machine learning. Founded in 2014, Peak has grown rapidly and has secured over $18.5 million in funding to date to support its ongoing investment in AI technologies and accelerate sales growth.

    GP Bullhound recognizes Peak as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK. The company, which runs its solutions on the AWS Cloud, is an AWS Partner with AWS Retail and AWS Machine Learning Competencies.

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