Database Freedom Workshop

Modernize your workloads on AWS Database and Analytics services

Reach out to your AWS Account Manager or Solutions Architect to get started. If you do not have an AWS account team, please contact Sales.

Database Freedom workshops are virtual sessions that enable you to make informed application design decisions and choose appropriate tools to support your modernization journey to AWS Database and Analytics services. During these workshops, AWS migration specialists will assist you in analyzing workloads to illustrate technical design choices and data migration patterns, and help you understand the skills necessary to accelerate your modernizations. Use the workshops to identify certain workloads as proof of concept projects. If you qualify for the AWS Database Freedom program, you would have access to the workshops at any stage of your modernization journey.

Workshop Process


In this stage, we request you to gather data about your database estate using tools that we provide. Once you provide this information, we work with your teams to schedule the workshop. A set of representative workloads will be selected for assessment during the workshop phase based on application type, geography, and function.


During this stage, we educate you about the relevant AWS Database and Analytics services and migration tools, analyze the architecture of your applications, assign a Workload Qualification Framework (WQF) grade, and identify proof of concept (POC) candidates. 

Post-Workshop Analysis

In the Post-Workshop Analysis stage, we review the application and database information, and the decisions made during the workshop to create formal deliverables. The key deliverables include the WQF grading of the workloads, sizing estimates of the re-factored workloads, and proof of concept (POC) recommendations. We may also recommend follow up actions to help  achieve your modernization goals.

Customer Benefits

Structured and rapid evaluation

At AWS, we have developed tools and frameworks to analyze your database objects and application code, and grade their migration complexity along multiple dimensions. These frameworks can help you estimate migration effort, secure skilled resources, organize your training programs, estimate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and build a migration plan. 

Access to migration experts

These workshops offer you an opportunity to learn from database migration experts who have migrated customers to a range of AWS Database and Analytics services including Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL or MySQL, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift. During these workshops, you can dive deep into various technical topics including architectural differences between database engines and their impact on application design, performance tuning, application cutover strategies, and historical data migration. 

Demonstrated value with a POC

If you are interested in a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the feasibility and the benefit of a database migration to AWS, the workshop can help you identify an appropriate application. You can use this POC to build migration skills, learn the migration tooling, demonstrate the benefits to your customers, and build a migration Center of Excellence (CoE). These POCs can also demonstrate the feasibility of the migration to business stakeholders such as Finance and Human Resources.  

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