AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

Manage and troubleshoot your servers

AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager streamlines and scales your remote server management process. With Fleet Manager, you can easily manage and troubleshoot your fleet of servers running on AWS and on-premises. You can drill down to individual servers to perform common troubleshooting and management tasks using a centralized visual interface. Perform a variety of system administration tasks, including disk and file exploration, log management, Windows Registry operations, and user management, without needing to remotely connect to your virtual machines, saving your administrators time and effort.


Simplify server administration

Fleet Manager helps you view the health and performance status of your entire server fleet from one location and a single view of the data, and easily perform common management tasks on individual servers using rich GUI tools.

Manage hybrid environments

You can more easily manage servers running Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems on Amazon EC2 or on-premises. Fleet Manager provides a consistent experience across your fleet of servers, allowing you to easily browse file systems, update users and permissions, and add or remove registry keys.

Shorten time to troubleshoot issues

You can use Fleet Manager to view performance data about your instances in real-time. You can quickly troubleshoot by viewing performance counters like CPU, memory, and disk utilization, along with network traffic.

How it works

How AWS Systems Manager works
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