AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS

AWS IoT Device Tester for FreeRTOS is a test automation tool for microcontrollers. With AWS IoT Device Tester, you can easily perform testing to determine if your device will run FreeRTOS and interoperate with AWS IoT services. AWS IoT Device Tester tests to make sure cloud connectivity, over-the-air-updates (OTA), and security libraries function correctly on microcontrollers.


AWS re:Inforce 2019: Amazon FreeRTOS security best practices (47:15)

AWS IoT Well-Architected Framework

In this Well-Architected lens you will learn how to design, deploy, and architect your IoT workloads on the AWS Cloud. This white paper covers common IoT scenarios including Device Provisioning, Device Telemetry, Device Commands, and Firmware Updates.

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Securing Internet of Things with AWS IoT

The whitepaper is intended for a broad audience who is interested in learning about AWS IoT security capabilities at a service-specific level and for compliance, security, and public policy professionals.



Training and certification

AWS Training and Certification - IoT Microcontrollers: Onboarding an ESP32 with Amazon FreeRTOS
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AWS Training and Certification - IoT Edge Computing: Amazon FreeRTOS Primer
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AWS Training and Certification - IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to Amazon FreeRTOS
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Presentations and videos

Amazon FreeRTOS: IoT Operating System for Microcontrollers (1:06:14)
Over-the-Air Updates with Amazon FreeRTOS (23:18)
Computing at the Edge with AWS IoT Greengrass and Amazon FreeRTOS, ft. Enel (54:44)
Secure Cloud & Local Connectivity for Microcontroller-based Devices (36:40)
Infineon Uses AWS to Connect Smart Products and Smart Factories (3:24)
Going to the Edge of the Edge with Amazon FreeRTOS (56:45)
Connecting Buildings to New Opportunities with AWS IoT (44:28)

Blog posts and articles

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