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Amazon GameLift

Game server hosting purpose-built to power the world's most demanding games

Why Amazon GameLift?

Game servers toughened to handle multiplayer games at massive scale while lowering your cost per player.

  • Latency and reach are critical for the best player experience. Deploy game servers around the world on reliable AWS infrastructure in 24 Regions and 8 Local Zones across 5 continents.

    Be closer to where your players are and bring them low latency gaming experiences with 99.99% availability.

  • Game launches, events, and going viral can generate sudden demand spikes. With responsive autoscaling, be confident that your players can enjoy your game as intended, even during the most unpredictable circumstances. Don't sweat launch days.

  • Mix and match compute across multiple providers including AWS, other cloud providers, and on-premises. Bring your own game server capacity and burst to the AWS cloud on demand. Amazon GameLift manages sessions, server selection, and scaling, all from a single management layer.

  • Lower infrastructure costs per player to as little as $1/month by using Amazon EC2 Spot instances, AWS Graviton instances with up to 20% better price-performance, and Amazon GameLift's intelligent autoscaling algorithm that rapidly reacts to fluctuating player demand and scales down game servers after peak hours.

  • Amazon GameLift meets you on your terms. Plugins are available for major game engines such as Unreal and Unity, and SDKs are available for O3DE and custom engines developed on C#, C++, and Go.

    Amazon GameLift supports all major platforms and devices, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, mobile, web, and AR/VR headsets. Integrations with popular game backends such as Pragma, Heroic Labs/Nakama, and AccelByte make it easy to add Amazon GameLift-powered game servers with just the click of a button. 

    Amazon GameLift supports the full development lifecycle of containerized game servers, enabling consistent and secure deployments across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments on Amazon GameLift instances.

    Use cloud-agnostic DevOps tools like Terraform and Pulumi powered by AWS Cloud Control to deploy your game resources and integrate with the rest of your backend.

Key Features

Amazon GameLift empowers you to build and scale the world's most demanding games. With predictive game server scaling, enterprise-grade security, and matchmaking for the largest crowds, Amazon GameLift takes the uncertainty out of launch day.

Unlock substantial cost savings

Amazon GameLift provides a low-latency and low-cost game server hosting solution that scales dynamically with fluctuating player demand.

Save up to 70% on server compute costs compared to existing on-premises deployments

Achieve $1 per player per month hosting costs with Amazon GameLift’s best practices

Amazon GameLift Customers

Learn how developers have successfully launched new and innovative games with Amazon GameLift.