The standard in scale, security, and storage

Game crashes, slow load times, lost inventory...players only notice the effectiveness of your backend infrastructure when things go wrong. Give players a memorable gaming experience for the right reasons. Build with AWS to store, scale, manage, and transfer data quickly and securely around the world.

Build and scale your backend seamlessly

After a game is in the hands of your players, data services of your backend are really put to the test. AWS data services quickly distribute game content and updates to players around the world and securely store, process, maintain access, and manage game and player data at scale.

Launch Globally

Bring players into your game and manage traffic with Amazon Route 53 and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing.

Content Updates and Downloads

Get your game and latest downloadable content into your players’ hands quickly with Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. With over 130 points of presence in over 25 countries, game developers can securely deliver games, data and rich media to players with low latency and high transfer speeds.

Player data and activity

From leaderboards to virtual goods, your players can generate a lot of data. Process, store, and access data quickly and securely with services like Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Aurora.

Resiliency and Load Balancing

Your game really isn't much fun if players can't actually play due to heavy spikes in user demand or if hackers are crashing it on launch day. Give players uninterrupted gameplay during the unexpected with resilient and fault-tolerant backend services.

Over 90% of the top public companies in the games industry use AWS



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