The voice of innovation

Simplify the creation of conversation in games and reimagine new ways to play with Game Tech voice solutions. Leveraging the technologies that power Amazon Alexa, you can develop authentic dialogue and facial animations, build games where players use their voice as the joystick, and create companions that understand and reply in real-time.

What will you create with the tech behind Alexa?

Turn text into lifelike speech

Produce natural voices for game dialogue in real-time using Amazon Polly.

Generate natural facial animation

Amazon Lumberyard's Text-to-Speech Cloud Gem can help reduce the costly churn of re-recording game dialogue when parts of of your game change - making your use of voice talent more efficient and cost-effective.

Build conversational chatbots

Create games that listen to natural language, and respond with both text and voice using Amazon Lex.

Build innovative game experiences for millions of Alexa customers

Make Alexa your players' sidekick

Enable players to use their voice to impact the game with any Alexa enabled device by creating an Alexa Skill.

Make games for Alexa gadgets

Build games for Alexa gadgets including Echo Buttons, physical buttons that connect to compatible Echo devices.

Monetize games with Alexa

Sell premium content to enrich your player's experience, including subscriptions, consumables, and more with Alexa Game Skills.

Engage all your player's senses

Add visual and touch elements for Alexa enabled devices with screens such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TVs. Build multimodal gaming experience using voice, visual and touch using the Alexa Presentation Language.

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