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Amazon Web Services offers a comprehensive suite of analytics services to consistently ingest, store, and analyze gameplay data.

To help you build an analytics pipeline for your games more easily and quickly, AWS solutions architects developed the Gaming Analytics Pipeline solution. With one click deployment, it automatically provisions and configures AWS services in minutes necessary to start consuming and analyzing gameplay data.

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  • Game servers transmit gameplay events to an Amazon Kinesis stream (called the telemetry stream) that collects and processes those events.
  • An application validates, sanitizes, and enriches the events; archives the events as a batch telemetry file in Amazon S3; and sends a pointer to the location of the batch telemetry file to a separate Amazon Kinesis stream (called the file stream) that initiates the process of loading the data into Amazon Redshift.
  • A second application loads batches of events from Amazon S3, deletes duplicate events, and inserts events into tables in Redshift.
  • A third application performs routine database tasks and maintenance.
    AWS Elastic Beanstalk is used to manage the deployment of the solution’s three applications.
  • The solution also includes a data generator you can use to test the pipeline and a heat map generator that allows you to generate heat maps based on various parameters.  
Deploy Solution
Implementation Guide

We've created a step by step guide to help you with the solution deployment. Check out the videos below!


Part 1
Deploying a Gaming Analytics Pipeline using an AWS CloudFormation Template


Part 2
Interfacing with your AWS Gaming Analytics Pipeline


Part 3
Database Visualization - Heatmap 

Learn how game developers are using AWS analytics services for their games! 

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