Projects on AWS

Bots Just Got Better

with .NET and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

Module 4: Clone Github Repo

In this module you will clone the github repo containing the project code, update settings, and run it in Visual Studio.


Follow the step-by-step instructions below to clone the repo and run the project.

 Time to Complete

10 minutes

Implementation Instructions

  • Next open the file called appsettings.json and change the following values to match the ones you created in Modules 1-3:

    1. CognitoPoolID
    2. LexBotName
    3. BotRegion
    4. LexBotAlias

    You can find each of these values by selecting the service from the console and cliking on the respective project inside it.

  • a. Ensure that you have .NET Core 2.0 installed by running it in your environment and opening up a command line or terminal window. Run the command: dotnet –version. The result should be: 2.0.x. If it is not please install .NET core.
    b. Build the application using Visual Studio or by going to the cloned code repo location in the command line window or terminal. Ex. cd AspNetCoreWebApplication

    1. If you are building via the command line or terminal please run the following commands:

    1. dotnet restore
    2. dotnet build
    3. dotnet run

    2. If you are using Visual Studio select the option to build and run in the IDE.

    c. View and test the chatbot application in a web browser.

Finally, deploy your chatbot!