Projects on AWS

Bots Just Got Better

with .NET and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

Module 3: Amazon Cognito Setup

In this module you will create an Amazon Cognito Identity pool so the app can receive a set of AWS credentials.


Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a Cognito Identity Pool and configure the appropriate settings. To expand the section, click on each step number.

 Time to Complete

10 minutes

 Services Used

Amazon Cognito

Implementation Instructions

  • a. From the AWS Console click Services.
    b. Choose Services from the top menu bar and then search for "Cognito" and select it.
    c. Choose Manage Identity Pools.
    d. Choose Create New Identity Pool.

  • a. Choose a name for your pool ex: OrderFlowers Lex Bot.
    b. Check the box that says Enable access to unauthenticated identities.
    c. Hit the blue button that says Create Pool.
    d. On the next screen, allow the default roles that AWS will create for you by clicking Allow.
    e. Once the Amazon Cognito Federated Identity Pool has been created, Cognito will show sample code and the Pool ID. Copy the Pool ID and save it where you can easily retrieve it.

Next, clone the project repo.