Q: What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup refers to the use of cloud storage as the media target for backups. Instead of backing up to disks, or tapes, you point to Amazon storage and perform backups and recoveries over your Internet (or Direct Connect) connection.

Q: Why should I back up data to the cloud?

The largest reason is cost. The combination of tape and disk media, the hours required for management, and offsite storage costs with a 3rd-party archival service can be significantly more expensive.

Q: What is the AWS Storage Gateway service?

The Storage Gateway service seamlessly extends your storage platforms into the cloud. It provides low-latency access to frequently accessed data and maintains durable remote storage, to help you match your storage costs with the value of your data. Use it with existing backup and recovery applications to replace tape automation without disrupting existing processes, or to supplement “bursty” on-premises workloads with storage capacity on demand.

Q: What are the benefits of using AWS Storage Gateway for backup?

Storage Gateway makes it very simple to eliminate tape. It can emulate tape automation, so now you can still perform a tape backup locally and move virtual tapes into the cloud. It delivers the performance of local infrastructure, the capacity of the cloud, and seamless integration with your existing backup environment.

Q. What if I don't want to use up data center space for another appliance?

Storage Gateway is a virtual appliance, so it doesn't take up any more physical space. But more importantly it can help you replace tape hardware and media space and costs, and replace them with lower-cost and higher-scale cloud storage.

Q: How much will it cost to back up my data using this implementation?

The costs associated with your backup project will be based on your Storage Gateway, which is billed per gateway per month, the amount of data you store and the type of virtual tape storage you choose (Amazon S3 Standard or Amazon Glacier). For more details, see Services Used and Costs.

Q: How long will it take to move data using a Storage Gateway?

It will vary based on your backup software job performance and your network bandwidth.