Q. What is the purpose of these tutorials?

These tutorials provide a guide to implement a fully cloud-based studio solution for content production in the cloud. They are intended for testing and proof-of-concept purposes. Before adapting these concepts for actual production content, we recommend taking additional steps to secure your data according to your individual security compliance goals.

Q. Will my cloud-based studio work across multiple AWS Regions?

Currently the guide is only designed for single region use. Multi-region deployment requires additional setup.

Q. What content creation applications will my studio support?

Your studio should work with any applications that can be installed on Windows or Linux. You must ensure that you have the correct licenses for any applications that require them.

Q. What kind of computer do I need at home/work to complete the tutorials?

As long as your computer can run a standard web browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) and it can run Remote Desktop (there are versions for Windows, macOS, and Linux) you can complete the main tutorials. In the Add-On tutorials, we cover support for Teradici Cloud Access Software and NICE DCV for desktop streaming. These both support Windows, macOS, and Linux as well.

Q. I finished the tutorials, now I want to shut everything down so that I don’t incur any more costs. How do I do that?

If you no longer need your studio or any of the data in it, there are notes in the Appendix for Tutorial 7 on how to shut everything down.

Q. What if I only need virtual workstations/cloud rendering?

At the moment, Tutorials 1-7 are meant to be completed in sequence, as an all-in-one solution that encompasses virtual workstations, cloud storage and cloud rendering. For solutions related to more specific aspects of your pipeline, see Studio in the Cloud for Content Production.

Q. I already have existing on-premises infrastructure (workstations, storage, or render farm). Can I use what I already have with what I create in the tutorials?

The tutorials present an “all-in” solution for content creation in the cloud. As such they don’t cover the “hybrid” solution of using some on-premises infrastructure, together with cloud infrastructure. While it is possible to use a hybrid approach, it is beyond the scope of these tutorials. If you are interested in a hybrid solution, contact your AWS account manager or complete submit this form.

Q. I have local data on my home/work computer that I would like to move to the cloud. How do I do that?

For smaller amounts of data, you can transfer files and folders using Remote Desktop, just as if you were copying them from one folder to another on your local computer. For larger amounts of data, AWS offers a number of services, such as hybrid cloud storage and both online and offline data transfer. For more information on these services, see Cloud Data Migration.

Q: How can I get in touch with someone to discuss content creation in the cloud?

Contact AWS Thinkbox by filling out the form on this page.