Embedded Analytics Developer

What is an Embedded Analytics Developer?

Embedded Analytics Developers integrate interactive dashboards and analytics capabilities directly within software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Developers building SaaS applications can now offer embedded, pre-configured (canned) dashboards to all end-users, while also providing sophisticated ad-hoc data exploration and dashboard-building (authoring) capabilities to power users.

What Will I Learn?

Create a QuickSight dashboard
Build your first sample data dashboard and visualization using Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-based BI and embedded analytics platform.
Embed QuickSight into sample app
Build a sample web app and embed analytics into the app.
Launch sample app
Configure and launch your sample app to view the embedded analytics dashboard.

Get Started!

This tutorial will teach you how to embed analytics into your own web portal.
Embedded Analytics 10-min Demo
Learn how to easily embed analytics including interactive business intelligence (BI) dashboards and visualizations using Amazon QuickSight.
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New Embedded Analytics Capabilities Blog post
Read about the latest embedded analytics capabilities with Amazon QuickSight.
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Embedding Analytics Documentation
Read more about embedding the full functionality of the Amazon QuickSight console.
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