Projects on AWS

Bots Just Got Better

with .NET and the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

Module 1: Amazon Lex Bot Creation

In this module you will set up an Amazon Lex Bot to build a text based conversational interface for the web application, which you will download in module four.


Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a Lex Bot and configure the appropriate settings. To expand the section, click on each step number.

 Time to Complete

20 minutes

 Services Used

Amazon Lex

Implementation Instructions

  • This web application can be deployed in any AWS region that supports all the services used in this application, which include Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Lex. Refer to the region table to see which regions have the supported services. The supported regions include:

    • US East (N. Virginia)
    • EU (Ireland)

    Select a region from the dropdown in the upper right corner of the AWS Management Console.

  • a. From the AWS Console click Services.
    b. Select Amazon Lex under Machine Learning.
    c. Hit the blue Create button.
    d. Under the Try a Sample section, choose Order Flowers.
    e. Choose a name for the bot and select no on the COPPA question at the bottom.
    f. Select Create.

    create a lex bot
  • Once created, test the bot to make sure it works:

    a. Save the intent and test the bot by clicking Test Chatbot on the right-hand side bar. Inside the side panel, type one of the sample utterances such as, "I want to order flowers," and see if the bot responds correctly.
    b. Publish the bot by hitting the Publish in the top right hand corner.

Next, set up a Lambda to perform initialization and fulfillment.