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Q:  What is AWS Mobile Hub?

The AWS Mobile Hub is a console that provides an integrated experience for discovering, configuring, and accessing AWS cloud services for building, testing, and monitoring usage of mobile apps. With the AWS Mobile Hub, you can select and configure features to add to your mobile app. AWS Mobile Hub features combine AWS services, client SDKs, and client integration code that make it fast and easy to add new capabilities to your mobile app.

Q: What does it cost to use the AWS Mobile Hub?

When you use the AWS Mobile Hub, you pay only for the underlying AWS services that you use. There are no additional charges for using the AWS Mobile Hub. Please refer to the Services Used and Costs page for a detailed breakdown of estimated charges for this project.

Q: What are the system requirements for this project?

  • Android Studio 1.4 or newer (download here)
  • Android SDK 4.4 (KitKat) API Level 19 or newer
  • Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.1
  • Android Device with Android OS 4.0.3 (IceCream Sandwich) API Level 15 or newer (optionally, you can use Amazon Device Farm to test your app remotely on real hardware)

Q: How do I acquire a Facebook and Google app and client IDs?

For more information about acquiring a Facebook app ID, see Setting up Facebook Authentication in the Mobile Hub Developer Guide. For information about acquiring Google+ app and client IDs, see Setting up Google Authentication in the Mobile Hub Developer Guide.

Q: How do I set up Android push notifications?

Mobile Hub sends push notifications to Android apps using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). To use GCM, you must set it up for your app. You will need the following:

  • The app server's sender ID. This is a unique numerical value that is created when you configure your API project. The sender ID is used in the registration process to identify an app server that is permitted to send messages to the client app.
  • A server API key. The key is saved on the app server that is authorized to access Google services. See Setting up Android Push Notification for details.

Q: What code and SDKs are included in the download package from the Mobile Hub?

For each project you configure with the Mobile Hub, you can download a working Quick Start app configured with examples to use the services you provisioned or a package of SDKs, libraries, and initialization code for you to include in your app, if you have one. These items can be downloaded after you have configured your features on the Build page in the Mobile Hub.

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